Best 50 Amp Generator (Features)

Below are some of the Best 50 Amp Generator

1. Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500 Heavy Duty Portable Generator 9500 Rated 12500 Peak Watts

If you’re considering purchasing a portable backup generator, then you may be looking for a powerful model. The 9500 watt WGen9500 is a great choice, as it offers a reliable source of portable power. The WGen9500 is equipped with a 457cc OHV Westinghouse engine and weighs 208 pounds. This backup generator has a built-in fuel gauge and a 6.6-gallon fuel tank.

The WGen9500 Heavy Duty Portable Generator offers a number of features, including an EPA- and CARB-compliant engine and an automatic low oil shutoff. It has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank and runs up to 12 hours. It has an electric start, an automatic low oil shut-off, and a wheel kit. It also offers a 3 Year Warranty and lifetime technical support.

The WGen9500 features a dual recoil starter for easy starting. It also has an automatic choke and an automatic ignition system. It also has a remote control fob to start and stop the machine. The WGen9500 is equipped with a metal user panel with a comprehensive LCD screen. It also has a plastic outlet cover and a foam grip handle to make it easier to carry.

When buying a generator, you should look for the features that make it better than its competitors. This unit includes a Transfer Switch Ready L14-30R outlet as well as a larger 14-50R outlet to accommodate multiple major appliances at one time. The VFT Data Center displays the watt output, frequency, and lifetime hours. It also has a lift bracket to make it easier to move the device. This unit is available at a competitive price.

2. Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator – 9500 Rated Watts & 12000 Peak Watts Reviews

Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel

This heavy-duty portable dual fuel generator is designed to produce up to 12, 000 watts of gas/LPG power, which is enough to power major appliances in an emergency power outage. With this portable generator, you don’t have to worry about getting the right kind of gas since it’s dual fuel compatible. You can either use gasoline or liquid propane depending on your needs. Liquid propane is more convenient and widely available in an emergency, especially in rural areas. The G12KBN has a sturdy frame, drop-down handles, and ten never-flat wheels to make it easy to move the portable generator.

The Pulsar G12KBN is a heavy-duty portable dual fuel generator that is designed for small residential applications. Its dual fuel technology allows it to deliver 120/240V and offers a lot of power. With an output rated at 8550 watts and a peak wattage of 12000, the G12KBN is an excellent choice for any home or business.

The G12KBN is a heavy-duty portable dual fuel generator that runs on gasoline or propane. It can run at 50% power for up to 12 hours on a full tank. It can also run for up to five hours on an empty 209 -pound tank. The G12KBN has a dual fuel capacity of eight gallons and features a meter and an oil level indicator. Its power consumption is approximately 1.6 kW.

3. Champion Power Equipment 201004 9375/7500-Watt Portable Generator Reviews

Champion Power Equipment 201004

If you’re looking for the perfect portable generator to help you out in a variety of situations, the Champion Power Equipment 201004 5000-Watt Portable Generation is a great choice. This versatile machine offers a high-quality, high-efficiency, lightweight design and is perfect for a weekend project or for when you need additional power. This portable unit will also provide you with backup electricity for important necessities if you have an outage.

The Champion 201004 features an OHV 4-stroke engine with 420 cc of displacement. It provides 120/240V power, and its 420-cc capacity is good for most homes. It consumes gasoline and delivers a maximum running and peak wattage of 9375W. This generator’s traditional pull-start mechanism is easy to operate and it has a key fob for remote start.

The Champion 201004 features a control center with a built-in fuel gauge and an Intelligauge meter for calculating voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours. It’s EPA-approved and CARB-compliant, and permits use in all 50 states. It’s quiet, with a noise level of just 74 decibels. A spark arrestor keeps the unit from blowing out when it runs. Its exhaust system is adequate for residential use and can be stored indoors.

PThe Champions 201004 has a fuel capacity of 5.7 gallons and a maximum operating hour of 7.4 hours. This portable generator is not recommended for use with sensitive electronics. However, it features a dual-speed alternator and a Twist-lock L14-30R receptacle, making it the perfect choice during an outage. This generator is one of the most powerful portable generators available on the market today.

What is a 50-amp service?

The 50 Amp Generator service is conveyed with four wires with two hot 120-volt wires, an impartial wire, and a ground wire.

50 Amp Generator (information)

It very well may be associated with a generator and can draw 120V or 240V from the two hot wires.

The 50-amp service is a lot more grounded. Since it is outfitted with two 120-volt wires, it is a lot more grounded than the 30-amp service with a capacity of 12,000 watts.

The XG10000E is controlled by a Generac OHV 530 cc motor that produces 12,500 W and 10,000 W separately.

On a full gas tank (10 gallons), you find a good pace long stretches of accessibility.

Ease of use and noise level

The authority datasheet doesn’t show the noise level, yet we gauge it to be in the 70-80 dB go when thinking about yield and size.

Even though anything over 70 dB is loud, numerous proprietors don’t consider the noise level to be a break of the understanding when obtaining a 10-kW generator.

The XG10000E has a total and simple-to-use control board, with port, spreads for dust and natural security.

At the most distant left of the card, there is a contribution to accuse the batteries of a voltage of 12 volts, and at the base, there is a change to cut the fuel.

The hour meter show and the force bar follow straightforwardly to one side.

Size and make

50 Amp Generator

Generac measures 30 by 29.5 by 31 inches and weighs 300 pounds.

The frame incorporates a strong steel base with a foldable locking handle as an afterthought for the simple development of the unit.

300 lbs are extremely overwhelming, yet you presumably won’t move this generator all around, and regardless, the 10-inch semi-inflexible wheelset is effectively open. Check out Best Generator for Central Air on Amazon here


The 50-amp generator is an ideal and convenient power source.

Its motor is lubricated at full strain to ensure sturdiness.

Notwithstanding its programmed styling, which runs on the oil channel, mileage on Generac’s motor has eased back significantly at any rate on paper. Read about break in generator here.

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