Kubota Generators For Sale

Kubota Generators For Sale Overview

Kubota provides home backup power solutions as well as generators designed for business. Boasting versatility and fuel efficiency, these generators require minimal maintenance costs.

GL Series generators utilize direct engine coupling and cooling system to reduce height, making it easier to fit them in restricted spaces. In addition, larger mufflers, long air cleaner hoses and an air inlet vent position help bring noise levels down to just 67dB at their rated operation levels.


Kubota generators are well-renowned for their reliability and performance, making them a top choice for businesses who require reliable power sources. Constructed to endure even the harshest environments while offering uninterrupted supply of electricity. Not only that, they are fuel efficient as well, helping reduce operational costs over time while coming in various sizes to fit every business’ power requirements.

Kubota GL Series machines have been expertly engineered to withstand the demands of everyday use, offering years of trouble-free service in any situation. Perfect for construction sites, satellite offices, roadwork projects and gatherings as well as backup power for homes and businesses alike.

Introducing the GL Series generators. Equipped with 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engines that offer exceptional power, durability, and reliability; as well as user safety in mind thanks to features like Engine Shutdown protection that ensures they shut off if they detect low oil pressure or high coolant temperature; larger mufflers and quieter fans making them less noisy than comparable generators at their price range.

This model is ideal for commercial and residential back-up power needs, providing 11kW (11kVA). Equipped with an 11kVA digital electronic governor that ensures voltage consistency, this generator also features cutting-edge engine technology which maximizes fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions.

Kubota generators are known for being user-friendly and require little maintenance, with fuel tanks of either natural gas or propane allowing extended operation between refilling. Plus, many models come equipped with remote controls – perfect for rural settings without access to mains power sources!

Colorado Standby offers an impressive selection of Kubota generators ranging from basic 7,000 watt models up to 14,000 watt units, perfect for both residential and business use. Their customer service commitment extends further; Colorado Standby can assist customers with installation assistance, maintenance services and repairs to keep their generators in perfect condition.


Kubota generators are known for their efficiency, helping homeowners reduce operating costs. This is possible thanks to advanced engine technology which optimizes fuel combustion and maximizes power output per tank of gasoline. Furthermore, these generators run for extended periods without needing refilling – making them an excellent option for homes requiring backup power during power outages.

GL Series generators are also designed to minimize noise pollution levels to an acceptable level, featuring sound-absorbing enclosures, oversized muffles and slower speed fans – creating quiet operations while lessening impactful operation on nearby neighbors.

Kubota diesel generators offer another benefit by being able to provide power for an extended period of time, operating continuously for up to ten hours on one tank of fuel – this makes them particularly helpful in areas prone to power outages or natural disasters. Furthermore, these units come equipped with remote controls so you can start and stop them easily.

Kubota diesel generators offer superior fuel efficiency, producing more power per drop of fuel used and making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Their simple maintenance requirements make them ideal for longer service lives.

Kubota generators provide reliable backup power solutions for home or industrial-grade use, meeting strict emissions standards while offering flexibility in various applications and are frequently chosen by construction sites.

To extend the longevity of your generator, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance. This should include oil changes, filter replacements, and component inspections according to manufacturer’s instructions; failing which may lead to reduced performance, higher fuel consumption rates, damage or destruction to the unit. Luckily, both Kubota 6kva Lowboy generator and Yanmar 6kva Low Profile generator come with two year or 1000 hour warranties which make these tasks simpler than ever!


Kubota diesel generators are built for durability, with long warranties to back their long-term service. Their premium materials and precision engineering make them suitable for tough conditions like heavy usage or inclement weather – perfect for backup power applications! Additionally, their excellent fuel efficiency helps reduce operational costs over time.

Kubota generators are particularly quiet and suitable for use in residential areas or noise-sensitive environments. Their quiet operation produces less than 65dB(A) at 7 meters distance, making them suitable both for emergency use as well as daily home use with minimal disturbance to neighbouring properties.

Kubota generators are uniquely simple and straightforward to maintain, with minimal upkeep requirements compared to other generators. This is due to their few parts and easy accessibility – meaning a mechanic can service them faster! Plus, their longer lifespan and easier transportability make them ideal for home users.

Colorado Standby provides an assortment of Kubota Lowboy II generators with powerful and reliable diesel engines from 7,000 kilowatt to 14,000 kilowatt capacities, which feature compact designs that take up less space than comparable units from other brands. Their engine, radiator, and fuel tank are arranged so as to maximize space usage allowing it to fit in places other generators simply can’t. In addition, Colorado Standby provides one-side maintenance panels which make checking oil, fuel, battery lifecycle levels as well as cooling water levels easy.

The Kubota GL14000 Pro Series Industrial Generator boasts a compact, portable design that makes it more accessible than similar units in its price range. Its vertical type SUPER MINI diesel engine can easily fit into tight spaces while an enhanced air cooling system helps lower noise levels and enhance fuel efficiency.

GL14000 line generators feature various models that offer up to 10kW of power at an affordable cost, making this ideal for camping and tailgating with its electric starter and remote control for switching on/off your generator quickly and conveniently.

Power output

Kubota generators deliver impressive power output that can be utilized across a range of applications. Their generators can handle heavy loads while still providing stable power to sensitive equipment and appliances – plus, their emissions standards make them cleaner and greener alternatives than many of their peers.

These diesel generators are perfect for use as backup power in homes during outages, ensuring essential appliances and systems continue operating as intended. They’re also great for construction sites or any professional applications where portable, reliable power is necessary.

Kubota generators boast not only high power output, but also an array of additional features that make them an excellent choice for commercial and residential uses. These features include low noise levels and easy maintenance – featuring sound-absorbing materials like an oversized muffler with slower fan speed operation as well as large fuel tank capacities to extend operating hours and maintenance intervals.

Kubota generators make regular maintenance and inspection a snap with accessible components and clear service intervals for streamlined upkeep, helping ensure maximum uptime and performance from every unit. This helps minimize downtime costs and maintain peak performance levels of their gensets.

Kubota generators stand out as being extremely durable in any climate condition, being built to withstand extreme temperatures, dusty environments and other environmental challenges. Furthermore, their warranty provides additional peace of mind.

Purchases can be daunting, so it’s essential that you understand all the features and options before making a decision. Knowing your power requirements and knowing which generator size best meets them are both key parts of the purchasing decision – too small will fail to meet them while too large will overwork its engine leading to increased operational costs.

Powerhouse Diesel Generators offers an extensive selection of Kubota generators for sale, both residential and commercial models. Our team is always on hand to answer any inquiries about these units for sale; from installation assistance through ongoing maintenance and repair we strive to offer exceptional customer service.

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