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KW to KVA Conversion Calculator

Imagine the struggle that you will go through trying to find the best solutions to a conversion of power.

The time it will consume and the efforts you will likely invest in solving the problem. Don’t you think that all these could take a toll on you?

Fortunately, calculators have proven to be handy tools in such instances. As you look forward to converting that kW/pf to kVA, you will want to get the right calculator. And this is where the kW to kVA conversion calculator steps in.

Perhaps it would be best for you to understand what this calculator is and why you need it. And would you not love getting a few tips on how to choose the most suitable one? Join us, let’s take this ride together.

What is the kW to kVa conversion calculator?

In most cases, power will be expressed in watts, kilowatts, amps, volts, and kVA.

As such, you will be sure of getting the actual power and apparent power. Actual Power is measured in watts and kilowatts while, on the other hand, apparent Power is measured in kVA.

This conversion calculator will be vital in ensuring that you easily convert Actual Power to Apparent Power, and conveniently so. Most of these calculators are usually found online.

How do you use this calculator?

For instance, if you want to find the apparent power of your diesel generator to its actual power, you will easily input the figure. The results will be automatically generated.

The calculator will allow you to generate results, whether you know the power factor or not. This move will guarantee you of the convenience that you so desire.

How to select the right conversion calculator

Often, it would be best for you to pick a calculator that gives you access to information instantly. An online option will be more preferable.

You will also need to ensure that it keeps records. This way, you will no longer need to keep moving back and forth.


Converting actual power to apparent power, and vice versa can be a headache to many people.

Kilovolt-Amps to Kilowatts & Watts Conversion Calculator tips

Unless you get the right calculator, you will be in for a tough ride. Take your time to find the best and most reliable online calculators for your use.

Disclaimer: Every time, it comes to electric and power calculations, it is a good idea to get advice from an expert for your specific situation. The calculations on this web page are for general estimations only. 

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