Onan 6500 Generator Review

Onan 6500 Generator Review Overview

No matter if you are camping out or adventuring into unfamiliar territory, having reliable power is of utmost importance. These generators are among the most dependable available – making them perfect for your next journey!

Fuel efficiency is also an integral feature, so that you can maximize power per gallon of gasoline used, thus saving money and increasing time between refilling stops.


This Onan 6500 generator model stands out from its competition thanks to a number of unique features. These include its digital voltage regulator, frequency regulation and two single-pole 30-Amp circuit breakers; 120″ generator output leads and sealed remote start connector; as well as being designed specifically for Class A-C RV motorhomes, truck campers and trailer RV applications meeting CARB/EPA compliance for motorized vehicle applications in all 50 states.

This lightweight generator features an easy maintenance and service process, along with its fully enclosed muffler that makes it one of the quietest models on the market – making it an excellent choice for use in national parks. Furthermore, its vibration levels meet National Park Service noise level requirements of 60dB(A).

Another impressive feature of this generator is its ability to power one or two air conditioners simultaneously and an entire load of appliances, all for an incredibly reasonable price. Reliability and accessibility make this unit highly sought-after – the only downside being it requires a specific propane tank in order to function.

If your Onan 6500 generator won’t start up, one likely cause may be dust in the vent line – this can be prevented by placing a wire across its opening. Also check for signs of dirty carburetors or low oil levels; if neither are present it could be possible that gas valve is stuck closed.


The ONAN 6500 generator model is an excellent choice for RVers due to its quiet operation and utility grade power output. Featuring powerful motor starting capability and enough energy reserves for two air conditioners simultaneously, its easy maintenance requirements and three year limited warranty make this generator one of the quietest models in its class.

This LP generator meets CARB and EPA Tier 4 Final and Phase IV requirements for motorized RV applications such as class A-C RV motorhomes, truck campers and trailer RVs. It comes equipped with a replaceable air cleaner, automatic choke and electric solenoid positive LPG fuel shutoff; in addition it features remote rocker switch starting capability powered by an automotive style 12-volt 3-wire negative ground alternator.

This LP generator features digital voltage and frequency controls to maintain stability as load changes occur, as well as being lightweight and compact for easy installation and with an included spark arresting muffler for added safety. In addition, its maintenance-free microprocessor control provides diagnostics as well as one side serviceability allowing single side servicing of this unit which meets National Park Service sound level requirements of 60dB(A) @ 50ft for use in national parks.


Cummins Onan generators have long been considered market leaders in terms of quiet operation and utility grade power output, making their 6500W model ideal for powering two air conditioners simultaneously with ease. Their 6500W generator features self-diagnostic capability, enclosed muffler and low vibration levels to keep appliance loads constant while digital regulation maintains voltage stability over time – not to mention an easy installation process thanks to 120″ output leads and sealed remote start connector.

The 6.5 HGJAB-904 generator set meets CARB and EPA Tier 4 Final and Phase IV regulations in all 50 states. Additionally, it’s USDA Forest Service-approved propane generator set that meets national park service sound level requirements (60dB(A) @ 50 feet). With three year limited warranty and quick and easy installation process – including auto choke, electric solenoid positive LPG fuel shutoff as well as microprocessor control with diagnostics to provide protection for overcrank/field overload protection as well as over/under frequency fluctuations as well as mechanical faults/starter failure protection features – perfect for national park service use!

ONAN generators have been producing gas, diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquid petroleum vapor (LPV) generators since 1920, offering models ranging from home standby units to industrial commercial mobile. Furthermore, their products are sold and supported through one of the largest service and certified distribution networks available today.


The ONAN 6500 generator model delivers excellent utility grade power for RV, fifth wheel or camper use. Producing 6500 watts, its 6500-Watts can power most appliances and air conditioners in an RV or camper, as well as come equipped with an easy self-diagnostic feature to make troubleshooting simpler and has one of the lowest vibration levels and noise emissions of its class.

This propane-powered generator is designed to provide reliable power for SUTs, fifth-wheels and RV motorhomes of Types A and Type C. With an enclosed muffler making this one of the quietest generators in its class at less than 60dB(A) at 50 feet distance – meeting National Park Service sound level requirements for use in national parks! Furthermore, its easy maintenance design, microprocessor control with diagnostics capabilities and lightweight and compact form make installation quick and simple.

This propane-powered generator comes with a standard 3-year limited warranty and meets CARB and EPA emissions standards in all 50 states for motorized RV motorhomes, truck campers and trailer RV applications. Featuring an air cleaner replacement option, automatic choke, electric solenoid positive LPG fuel shutoff switch and remote rocker switch starting capability; digital voltage regulation ensures constant output power output regardless of changing appliance loads.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of an RV generator is its fuel efficiency. These generators are specifically designed to consume minimal amounts of gas, enabling longer camping trips between refillings. Furthermore, this feature can save money in the form of reduced fuel purchases over time.

These generators are highly-regarded for their quiet operation. Thanks to a sound-attenuating design, these models operate at lower decibel levels than most generators in their class – perfect for use in national parks where noise restrictions exist.

Cummins Onan generators offer competitive warranties and outstanding customer support, which vary depending on the model of generator purchased, but typically cover an extended portion of cost-of-ownership and ensure you make the most out of your investment. With such added value and peace of mind, these generators make great choices for RV enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable camping experience without giving up modern conveniences or endure discomfort while boondocking enthusiasts who require reliable power can also appreciate these solutions.

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