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Convert BTU to Watts (BTU to Watts Easily)

Convert BTU to Watts

Convert BTU to Watts (Calculator) Sometimes it becomes necessary to convert BTU/hr to Watts. While there are several online calculators to do this formula for you it is always helpful to know and understand what the formula is and the relation between BTU/hr and Watts. Since BTU/hr is the old non-SI system of measurement but is still in wide usage around the world it is important to understand how to convert them to Watts and back again. […]

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Watts to BTU Conversion (Watts to BTU Easily)

Watts to BTU Conversion

Watts to BTU Calculator What is the formula? To carry out the conversion of watts to BTU a simple formula is applied since 1 watt is equivalent to 3, 41214163312794 BTU or 3, 4121 BTU. The formula is Btu per hour ≈ (w) * 3, 4121 Calculation elements This calculation is made up of two units defined below: • Watt: one watt is a unit of power in the International System of Units represented by the symbol […]

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Generator Servicing Overview (Information Tips)

Generator Servicing

It is important to keep in mind that no matter the quality, brand or model of our generator, it is still important to perform a constant check and maintenance to avoid future failures and the generator burning or worse, burning other devices. However, applying the correct maintenance is also important, as well as checking the efficiency of our equipment. Here we will help you check the generator. Generator maintenance checklist To perform preventive maintenance, it is necessary […]

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Generator vs motor (Information)

Generator vs motor tips

The generator vs motor debate has intrigued a lot of consumers. They see real potential in both designs and seek out more information as is needed. The similarities can be noted since they both use gas combustion to produce power for a purpose. The motor and generator difference might surprise a lot of new users on the market. It pays to understand the difference between the generator vs motor comparison over time. Be selective about the manufacturer […]

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Using a generator with solar panels (Information)

generator with solar panels (Information)

How to Connect a Generator to a Solar System Overview Limited solar input rating is a common problem when using solar power. You may require a generator to power up the batteries from time to time. But how do you safely connect the two? How to connect a generator to a solar system Read your generator’s manual to establish the “Maximum Solar Panel Input” Wattage rating. Most generators can handle 120-360 watts. Ensure you have enough solar […]

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Generator control panels and protection (Information)

Generator control panels

Any new user should understand the generator control panels and protection. These devices allow users to exert some control over the mechanisms in place. Think about the important details before buying a generator too. That could determine what kind of models are best fit for those on the market. Trust the advantages and follow through on any specific instructions. Check out Best Generator control panels on Amazon The manufacturer is working to make the project easier for […]

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Electric generator industrial revolution

generator industrial revolution

Electric generator industrial revolution overview The electric generator industrial revolution is catching some renewed popularity lately. People see the technology and admire what it can do for them as well. Think about the unit and how it can serve a vital new role for people. Research the unit and the manufacturer that has completed its development over time. Check out Best Electric generator industrial revolution on Amazon That will be a difference-maker for all new users on […]

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Home generator sizing calculator

What size of generator do you need at your home? This is a very important question you need to know very well when purchasing a backup generator for your home. It is not the right time to try to find out your home’s wattage requirements during a power outage. Generator sizing calculator is here to help you find your wattage needs when there’s an outage at your home. A home generator sizing calculator is a very useful […]

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Safety tips for generator use (Information)

Safety tips for generators

What you need to consider when operating your generator Power cuts can have negative or even threatening consequences in many situations. For this emergency, mobile power generators often offer life-saving benefits. With the small practical helpers, they can safely supply necessary electrical devices such as portable heating, water pumps, refrigerators and lighting with electricity. However, using a portable generator can sometimes be very dangerous. Safety precautions must be taken when using mobile power generators. But many people […]

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kw vs kva (Calculation, Formula, Definition)

kw vs kva (Calculation, Formula,

Do you know the difference between KW and KVA? Electricity is an essential type of energy for the 21st century, and the process to generate, transmit, and distribute it is kind of complex. But, did you know that not the same amount of electricity generated in power plants is completely and equally distributed to every home, office, school, etc? Electric power is a physical measurement of how much electricity we truly use, and it is divided into […]

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