Best 10000 Watt generators (5 Generators)

Best 10000 watt generators

If you are having generators which are having higher watts it means more items will be powered at the same time. Best 10000-watt generators

Some large families might need a 10000-watt generator to power their houses.

Hence, when you want to buy a generator, it could be best if you consider the wattage reference chart which lists down specific wattage and also the additional surge wattage.

Though, if you need your generator to power almost every item inside your house at the same time then the 10000-watt generator could be the best for you.

The 10000-watt generator is very powerful and also is considered a very portable generator.

This is facilitated by handles and wheel kits when transporting from one point to another.

If you are living where there are frequent power outages, this 10000-watt generator is the best as it gives a reliable source for the backup power which is enough.

Here are the best 10000 watt generators.

1. Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator, Orange, Black

The Generac GP 8000E portable generator offers the power you need to keep your home protected in case of a power outage. With up to 8 kW of continuous power or 4000 starting watts, this electric start generator is ideal for events like tailgating, camping, or use at the cottage.

Generac GP 8000E Features

1. Powerful Protection

When the power goes out, it’s nice to know that you have protection from dangerous household appliances and tools that might be in use during an outage.

The GP 8000E offers clean sine wave output so you can run sensitive electronics and appliances without worry. There are also outlets to help protect your connected equipment from surges and spikes during the power outage.

2. Portable Power

The GP 8000E has wheels for added mobility so you can take it to where you need it most, like a tailgate or backyard party. Weighing only 83 kgs, this generator is easy to move from one place to another and the vented side panels help prevent it from overheating.

3. Easy Operation

With an electric start, you can conveniently power up your home whenever you need protection from a potentially harmful outage. The GP 8000E is powered with gasoline for added convenience, and you can easily fuel the generator by pulling the easy-access fuel lever.

4. Personalize Your Generator

GP 8000E portable generators can be customized with a variety of options and accessories. Choose your color, add wheels or a wheel kit, plus get the Generator Plug Set for safe and convenient power.

With so many choices available, this generator is ideal for any situation where you need to be sure that the power will stay on.


It works effectively in providing users to perform essential tasks during a blackout or power shortage situation such as using lights, refrigerators, sump pumps, and other essential electrical devices.
Offers the comfort of convenience as you can move it to the desired location since it is portable.
You don’t have to worry about storing it during a power outage since its compact design enables you to keep it in your shed or garage.
Its compact design enables users to store it wherever they want or need it.


Some users complain that one of its wheels is slightly lower than the other.

This is one of the most popular portable generators in the market because it is ideal for most homeowners. Marketed by Generac, a reputable power generating company, this generator comes with unique features that provide users with an efficient and comfortable backup system during emergencies.

2. DuroMax XP12000EH (See Image On Amazon)


This 10000-watt generator is definitely a reliable and versatile dual-fuel generator. When you need higher-surge capacity, then this generator is surely the best fit for your requirements.

As the dual-fuel generator, it’s well known for providing you with the best choice in using either liquid propane or gasoline fuel.

This heavy-duty generator normally comes with a sturdy frame and four isolated Point-fully motor mounts for quiet and smooth operation.

It even features the full power panel which comes with a voltmeter, oil warning light, circuit breaker, and power outlets.

The runtime on the gasoline at the output 50% maximum is ten hours and propane is twenty hours.

3. Durostar DS10000E (Learn More Here)

This is the dependable 16 HP generator which is powered by the air-cooled OHV Durostar engine where the unit is portable.

It is known for operating air compressors, high-capacity air-conditioners, and also other essential house appliances.

It has shut-off and lamp features, a wattage rating of 8,000W, and a surge capacity of 10,000 Watts. It also features the heavy-duty frame of 4-point motor fully-isolated mounts.

There are also other salient features, for example, oil warning lights, power outlets, circuit breakers, and voltmeters.

4. DuroMax XP10000E (Read Customer Reviews)

This is among the best 10000-watt generator which has 420cc and 18HP air-cool engine power.

This engine can effortlessly power appliances of high capacity.

It instantly kicks on when turned on using the electric start. With the recoil starter, it easily starts at once is a battery is not working well.

Another important feature is having a noise-controlling muffler which enables be less noisy if you want to operate it.

It has a low rumble which measures about 72 dBA. When operating this generator, it will not disturb the neighbor.

10000 watt generators

It also has a spark arrestor which allows you to use it outdoors without fear of overheating or bogging down.

5. Generac 10000E XG Series

This generator features 10,000 watts of running and starting watts of 12,000, making this generator ready to power nearly anything which is plugged in.

If you are planning to make the permanent staple at your garage or home or planning to travel with it, then this is the best.

It has 300 pounds making it the best way of ensuring you are powered up well during a natural disaster or emergency.

It is durably built to last for long, with a steel frame which can withstand the bumps and a lot of use. LED panel is totally illuminated which makes it best for use in dark times or nighttime.


These best 10000-watt generators are undoubtedly reliable, efficient, and hardworking generators.

It’s well designed to handle the greater many appliances and also all those appliances which are essential.

As a caveat, you need to know the limitations of the generator for you to maximize the use when needed most.

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