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Best 80 kW Generator Overview

The Best Eighty kW Generator is a standby unit that ensures your home or business will keep running when the power goes out. It is a reliable choice for backup power because it has a huge output and has a large capacity. The technical specification sheet for each unit allows you to compare their features and specifications. Listed below are some factors to consider when choosing a standby unit. You can also read customer reviews of the units. Check out Best 80 kW Generator on Amazon

First and foremost, the generator should be highly reliable. This is because it should have a solid reputation for delivering consistent power and reliability. This unit must be able to handle both heavy and light loads, and it should also be able to run on both natural gas and propane. The unit should also be able to accommodate single and three-phase voltages. It should also be durable enough to withstand outdoor environments and withstand rough use.

Below are some of the best 80 kW generator on the market

1. Cummins RS80 Quiet Connect™ Series 80kW Standby Power Generator (120/240V Single-Phase)

The QuietConnect line, which is engineered with the unmatched innovation and dependability that comes with every Cummins motor and generator, is the ideal backup power solution for almost any family or small enterprise.


• Supplied with Cummins PowerCommand, which provides industry-leading self-diagnosis capabilities.
• The combination of aluminum material and robust powdered coat paint provides outstanding anti-corrosion capabilities.
• Rated to withstand high-speed winds of up to 180 mph.
• The generator’s variable program allows it to operate at a period, regularity, and intensity that is convenient for the client.
• At a normal load, the generator produces just 71db of vibration, which is quite low.
• Fossil fuel or propane may be selected from a drop-down menu.
• A two-year standby warranty is included.
• Built to withstand temperatures as low as -40°F without compromising performance.

Key Features

• It is intended to be very silent.
• The ability to do remote diagnostics
• There is no transfer switch or installation included in this price.
• The design is really compact.
• Designed to last a long time
• Load management that is intelligent
• Extremely cost-effective operations
• A backup power option that can be customized


• Advanced aluminum enclosures provide a sleek look that is visually pleasing for residential applications.
• Noiseless Performance– The unit is intended to be silent and non-intrusive (71db while under load)
• Controls that are simple
• Designed to work in extreme weather conditions, with efficiency down to -40°F right out of the box, this product is built to last.


  • High purchasing fee

Generac Protector® 80kW Standby Generator w/ Mobile Link™ (120/240v Single-Phase) (SCAQMD Compliant) is a standby generator in Generac’s lineup. The company strongly believes in this generator’s engine prowess and low fuel consumption to provide reliable standby power solutions.


· Designed and purpose-built 4.5L engine

· Less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD), safe for sensitive electronics

· Comes with no-asked-questions 5-year limited warranty through 80kW

· Two-line LCD Tri-lingual virtual Nexus controller

· Natural gas for LP operation

· +/- voltage regulation

· Protected coolant recovery system


· Has a sound muffing enclosure to minimize noise

· Ultra-modern motor starting capability

· Consumes up to 25% less fuel at full load

· Uses natural gas- promoting eco-friendliness

· 5-year warranty is standard through the 80kW

· Has mobile link connectivity for monitoring the status of the generator

· Has a surge protector for your sensitive electrical appliances


· Starting at $26,999.00 MSRP which might not be affordable to everyone

· Can be unreliable when not well handled or maintained

· Oxidation of sensor connections might lead to intermittent or false sensor reading


Overall, the Generac Protector® 80kW is a perfect alternative for homes with frequent power outages and eco-conscious individuals. It’s super-quiet, consumes less fuel, has mobile link connectivity and surge protector, guaranteeing your peace of mind. The only downside of this generator is the price, which not everyone can afford.

3. Kohler 80 kW Emergency Standby Power Generator (Aluminum) (120/240V) Single-Phase

Does your region run low on power, and the only alternative you have is an emergency generator? If so, then Kohler 80 kW Emergency Standby Power Generator (Aluminum) (120/240 Single-Phase will have you covered. The generator is a perfect choice for bigger homes and smaller commercial applications, thanks to its features.


· It runs on natural gas & LP vapor

· Run watts of 80,000

· Kohler powered engine

· Standby liquid-cooled technology

· Designed for emergency

· 120/240 single phase

· It has a starting price of $15,822.30

Product description

· Has robust and industrial-grade design w/hydraulic valve lifters to power larger homes and small business establishments

· It has a 2,000-hour limited warranty backed by Kohler, hence reliable in times of emergency.

· Its APM402 controller for system monitoring and diagnostics. The controller provides remote communication through a computer via serial configuration.

· It runs at 1800 RPM, saving you on fuel and other inconveniences

· Fitted with pre-installed block heater for easier starting

· It is coated with an aluminum enclosure, making it rust-resistant and scratch-resistant

· Has digital display & menu control to make reading local data easy


· Super-quiet (features under generators producing less than 68 decibels

· Eco-conscious- runs on LP/ natural gas

· An aluminum enclosure that can withstand the abuse

· It runs on 80,000 rated watts, powering appliances in 10 seconds

· Consumer engine warranty of five years, giving you unlimited power supply

· It has a low oil alert system, helping you save on fuel


· It runs on natural gas or LP, which can be expensive

· It is large hence may not be convenient for smaller homes


Kohler 80kW is as reliable as it can be in emergencies. Away from the price, the generator relies on natural gas, making it perfect for eco-conscious people.

The best 80 kW generators come with a range of features. The Generac RG080 is one of the best liquid-cooled generators on the market and comes in 4 voltage configurations. It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty and is backed by a worldwide distributor network. The best model is the one that offers all the features and benefits of a standard product plus a free lifetime warranty.

How Much Does 80 kW Generator Cost?

A typical 80 kW Generator Costs anywhere from $25 000 to $29 000, the price depends on the brand, the power, and options of the generator.

When it comes to determining how much an 80 kW generator costs, there are many factors to consider. The engine itself should be able to produce the amount of power you need, as well as minimum fuel consumption. If your generator requires gas, it should be fueled with LP, which is more expensive than natural gas. The generator should also have a high-quality exhaust system that will ensure that it doesn’t pollute the environment.

Portable diesel generators tend to be cheaper than gasoline-powered generators. However, fuel prices can vary widely. While diesel is typically cheaper than gasoline, it can still cost you more money. The average cost of a gallon of diesel is $3.17, which makes a 20-kilowatt generator use approximately 1.6 gallons of fuel per hour while running at full load. This means that you can expect to spend $122 for a day of runtime.

A typical 20-kilowatt generator will cost between $4,500 and $4,800. It will take about 1.6 gallons of diesel per hour and is compatible with optional accessories. The Cummins RS20A home standby generator is the quietest air-cooled unit on the market. It has been named the “Brand Leader” by Builder magazine for five consecutive years. If you’re on a budget, the Generac RS20A is a great option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amps in Generators

How many amps does an 80 kW generator use? The answer will depend on the load. A refrigerator will require between 1,200 and 1,500 watts, while a gas-powered furnace will need three thousand watts. The surge wattage is called start-up amperage, which is only used for the start-up of an appliance. It is not the constant amperage required to run a gas furnace.

To convert kVA to amps, start by looking at the nameplate of your generator. Look for the system voltage and power. A kVA may be anywhere from a few hundred to ten thousand watts. Then look for the amperage rating of each circuit breaker. A breaker may have multiple branch breakers, so you will need to make sure that the cables attached to the breaker match the current rating of the breakers. A 15A breaker will have one branch, which is two smaller breakers. A six-amp breaker will operate at 120 volts.

A good rule of thumb is to add one kVA per watt. A KW is equal to kW, which is the actual power produced by a given generator. A kVA to amps conversion chart can be found on Power Electrics’ website. This chart can help you to decide how many amps a generator needs.

How Much Does a 80 kW Generator Weight?

If you’re interested in finding out how much an 80 kW generator weighs, you’re in luck. There are a number of different factors to consider. The first is the type of engine. The most common engine is the Cummins C80D6C, which has a rated output of 80kW. It has a 260-gallon fuel tank and a maximum 1800-RPM. Another factor to consider is the size. The biggest drawback of this type of generator is that it’s heavier than a standard electric generator. Fortunately, the weight of the Cummins generator isn’t a major factor. The smallest models will work just as well as the largest, while the largest units are ideal for smaller homes.

The cheapest model may be slightly larger than the most expensive, but you won’t have to worry about shipping costs. These generators are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The most common model is the C80D6C, which is designed to handle light commercial and agricultural applications. The smallest models are just 10 kW in size. This size will be more appropriate for small businesses, but you should be aware that the larger models are also heavier. Check out Best 80 kW Generator on Amazon

The most common models are the C80D6C and the K80D6C. Both are designed for heavy commercial and agricultural uses. The largest model is a 7.5 MW unit. Other models are available with a ten kW capacity. Most generators weigh between 80 to 85 kilograms, so a size that’s large enough to power a home or office will be more expensive than a smaller one. Read about the best generator for a house here.

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