Best Cable Lock for Generator Review

Finding Best Cable Lock for Generator can help you to secure it. A generator is responsible for helping to keep the essentials running when there is a power outage. To keep the generator safe from theft, it’s important to use a good lock that will deter unauthorized access.

The best cable lock for generators can be easily cut by knowledgeable burglars but not quickly enough by those who are less familiar with the tools required. This article will review some of our favorite options.

1) Master Lock 4440D Reviewed – Best For The Money

As a whole, this Master Lock model is an excellent choice because of its versatility and affordability. Whether you’re looking for lengths of 18 feet or 10 feet, this model comes in four different sizes to perfectly fit your generator. You’ll love how lightweight the Master Lock is, making it easy to store when not in use.

2) ABN Cable Lock Reviewed – Best Choice For The Money

The ABN Cable Lock has a 5/16-inch diameter, which makes it incredibly strong for its size. If you’re looking for something that is only 6 inches long, then you can avoid the locks that are too difficult to cut with standard tools. It also comes with two keys, so you’ll have an extra just in case. Plus, this lock has three levels of security built right into the design, so you never have to worry about it failing.

3) Master Lock ML5290D Reviewed – Best Small Cable Lock

​The BEST small cable lock for generators is the Master Lock model, which is an ideal size to use as a secondary security measure if you already have another type of lock installed. This has everything you could want in a lock, including an ergonomic grip and 10 feet of extra cable, so it doesn’t easily tangle or get damaged during transport. Plus, the stainless steel construction makes it incredibly durable to resist rusting, chipping, and corrosion. Even better, this particular model features some built-in weather resistance that protects against extreme temperatures ranging from 90 degrees Fahrenheit down to -40 degrees.

4) Strongway Cable Lock Reviewed – Best Cheap Cable Lock

This Strongway cable lock is an excellent choice if you’re shopping on a budget because of its low price point. Offering a 12-foot length, it’s perfect for generators with large storage compartments that aren’t covered by a door. It also has a vinyl coating that helps protect the lock from any unforeseen scratches or punctures. Plus, it comes with two keys, so you’ll have an extra one just in case something happens to the first set.

5) ABN Cable Lock Reviewed – Top Rated Choice

The best-rated cable lock for generators is still the ABN model, which is perfect if you’re looking for a lock that can quickly and easily be installed. It’s made from an ultra-flexible steel mesh material to resist cutting, sewing, and bolt cutters. Plus, it comes with three keys, so you’ll have several extras in case the first set goes missing or gets damaged.

Cable Locks

A cable lock is usually a long metal bar that has loops on either end. You can attach your expensive gears with these locks, bypassing one loop through the gear’s hole or slot and passing the second loop through the first one.

What makes these locks so popular is their sturdiness, in addition to their portability. If someone tries to steal your stuff, they won’t be able to remove it without cutting through both ends at once.

These cables are usually made of hardened steel which makes them immune to common bolt cutters.

However, there are circumstances where you might need more than just a portable and sturdy lock. Fortunately, there is one type of cable lock for this case; they are known as the best cable locks for generators for various reasons.

Security Cable Lock For Generator

As the name suggests, these types of locks are designed with security in mind. Usually, these locks will have two loops on either end, but they won’t be identical, unlike regular loops. One loop would be larger than the other, which can fit snugly around the generator.

The larger loop would allow the cable to be fastened around a stationary object, while the smaller loop would allow you to lock your equipment with it. This is very useful in case someone tries to steal your expensive and heavy generator. Other than that, these locks use high tensile steel, making them even more difficult for thieves to cut through, especially when compared to regular cable locks.

You might be wondering if there are any downsides to this type of cable lock. They come with some disadvantages, such as their hefty price tag and storage issue since they aren’t foldable or compact like other portable options on the market.

They can also get tangled up if not handled properly.

Generator Cover Lock

This is another type of cable lock that’s ideal for generators. It works is relatively simple; you have to loop both ends around the generator cover and then connect them using a padlock. This ensures that the generator cover won’t be removed, allowing thieves to access your expensive engine.

Cable Locks for Generator –

Conclusion Overall, the best cable locks for generators are pretty expensive compared to regular cable locks. The best part about this type of lock is that they are usually compact, making storage very easy.

Another advantage is their ability to work with most generator covers; there are no special covers needed for this sort of lock to function properly.

There aren’t any disadvantages associated with these cables other than the fact they only provide a low level of security. However, they are still more affordable than chain locks which cost hundreds of dollars on the market.

If you need a cheap option, you can go with one of those cheap padlocks with combination numbers instead of keys, which only costs around $10-15.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something more advanced and secure, then it’s always better to go with a specific type of cable lock for generators or any other devices/gear you may have at home, for that matter.

Below are some of the best lock for generator

1. BV 30FT Security Steel Cable with Loops, Flex Cable, Lock Cable 3/8 Inch Review

This 3/8 inch lock steel cable is ideal for locking automobiles, bicycles, and other heavy machines.

It incorporates all the necessary features to deter theft and while remaining modest in the design. It weighs exactly 4.01 pounds and is adequately flexible for a product of its class.

The BV 30FT Security Cable with Loop is compatible with both U-locks and padlocks.

It is available in alloy steel and stainless steel; this improves the performance of the flex cable. The steel is braided with rust-protective vinyl to improve cut resistance.


It can be used on multiple machines, from cars to bikes.

The steel is braided to prevent rust.

The BV 30 FT is compatible with both padlocks and U-locks.


It weighs 4.01 pounds. This might pose a problem when moving this steel cable around

Anyone looking for a locking cable with adequate strength coupled with an exemplary design should consider the BV 30FT. It portrays reliance right from the material to key features like rust protection. Check out the current price on Amazon here.

2. Master Lock – Two 6 ft Python Adjustable Cable Locks Keyed Alike Review

The Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock features a 6.6-foot long, 3/8-inch diameter heavy steel cable designed to withstand bolt cutters and saws. The Master Lock features Master Lock’s weatherproof lock head, which helps protect against corrosion for rust resistance where you need it most. The Master Lock Python cable lock features Master Lock’s exclusive, patented key coding system to prevent unauthorized duplication. You can create your combination or select one of Master Lock’s four easy-to-remember preset combinations.

The Master Lock Python cable lock is a great addition to anyone with expensive equipment like generators or vehicles. This Master Lock cable can withstand extreme load and has a solid steel core for maximum strength.


  • Has a versatile design that can be used on items such as luggage, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and generators
  • 5/8″ (16 mm) diameter cables with an adjustable body make it versatile to fit a variety of items. The Master Lock Python cable lock can also be used as two separate 1ft locks or combined for longer lengths
  • Master Lock’s solid steel core and high-quality vinyl coating help this Master Lock cable to withstand both extended time and extreme weather


Master Lock Python cable locks are not the most heavy-duty available on the market, but they are an effective lock for more casual equipment.

  • Master Lock Python cables do not have any special security features like some other Master Locks, disappointing to those who tend to have problems with Master Locks being opened by thieves.


The Master Lock Python cable locks are an effective lock for ATVs, generators, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and other equipment that must be restricted from theft. While this Master Lock is not the most heavy-duty available on the market, it does get the job done for most equipment.

Master Lock is a well-trusted name in the Master Lock community, so many would recommend Master Lock’s Python cable locks to anyone looking for an effective lock at a very reasonable price. Check out the current price on Amazon here.

3. DocksLocks Anti-Theft Weatherproof Coiled Security Cable with Resettable Combination Lock Review

DocksLocks is a coiled security cable lock for use with watercraft, jet skis, motorcycles, or storage containers. Using durable materials and a coiled design, DocksLocks is perfect for home or on the go.

Whether it’s securing your watercraft at the dock or your jet ski on the beach, DocksLocks provides the perfect solution to keep any vehicle secure. When not in use it can be coiled neatly around the item and locked in.

DocksLocks is made with a weatherproof design to ensure it can be used in harsh weather conditions. The steel cable is 3mm thick and includes a 4′ PVC cover to protect it from being cut or damaged.

Features of this product

  • 3mm steel cable and PVC cover to protect against harsh weather
  • High strength lock with a 7mm shackle and 9′ security cable
  • Resettable combination lock with three settings
  • Inner spring-loaded shackle for double locking opportunities
  • Comes in 4′ 5′, 10′, 15′, 20′ or 25′ cable lengths
  • Two-color options: black with yellow accents or yellow with black accents

Product dimensions are 6X1.75X1.5 (inches)

After it is used, the user can reset the combination so no one else can use it.

It comes with a variety of customizable options, including 4′ cable length and color (black with yellow accents or yellow with black accents).

The product is made with a weatherproof design to ensure it can be used in harsh weather conditions. Check out the current price on Amazon here.

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