Best Generator Under $200 – Buying Guide

Best Generator Under $200

It’s a challenging task to buy the best generator under $200. As cheap is expensive, the models could be low-powered or cheaply made to cater to the low prices.

This means that you ought to be careful whenever you want to make the right selection as follows:

Best Generator Under $200- Buying Guide

Below are some of the Best Generator Under $200

178Wh/48000mAh Solar Generator, NEXPOW Portable Power Station Review

Finding the right portable generator for outdoor activities such as camping and emergencies is challenging. As a result, undertaking relevant research is vital. With the technological revolutions, there are different varieties of generators.

The 187Wh/4800mAh solar Generator, NEXPOW Portable Power Sta, is of excellent quality and should be prioritized. Before buying this product, it is appropriate to know more about it.

Product description

The portable generator has wide applications hence suitable for numerous devices. It can be used to charge essential gadgets such as phones and TV fans.

Additionally, it has light black, which is metallic, making it durable. With its high power capacity, it can stably charge your appliances. This portable generator weighs 3.3lb hence appropriately fitting to your backpack.

This generator can also be recharged from the sun using a solar panel. In terms of safety, the manufacturers have a warranty for you and your gadgets. It also has safety features ensuring the wellbeing of its operators.

One other quality of this product is the ability to act as a torch during an emergency. It is ideal for outdoor activities due to its portability and environment friendly.

The dimension of this product is 8.86 x 3.15 x 4.09 inches (L*W*H). There are many outlets such as 110V AC, OUT/DC 12V, and 2*USB Ports. There is also QC 3.0 PD for CPAP Camp Travel. The wattage of this product is 120 watts.

Key features

• 178Wh Back-up power Supply
• PD 3.0 (Out/Input : 45W maximum)
• Charge for MacBook Pro 13.3
• 150W peak power
• 4800mAh battery capacity
• 3.3lb lightweight


• No fuel, no fumes, no noise hence environmentally friendly.


• The power station cannot powered large appliances.

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Best Generator Under $200- Buying Guide

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen160s Portable Power Station (Outdoor Generator 150 Peak) Reviews

The Westinghouse iGen160s is a portable power station and outdoor solar generator. It will also run on a lithium-ion battery. This generator is versatile and it can charge up to nine devices at one time.

There are USB ports and it is strong enough to run an LED TV or even a heated blanket.
This portable unit is great as an emergency backup. It can also be taken on camping trips and other outdoor gatherings. You can power up 9 devices at the same time with many different outlets such as 1 12V DC, 1 Quick Charge USB port, 2 USB ports, 1 USB C-port. This generator is built with to 155-watt hour of battery capacity. It is also lightweight at only 3.75 pounds.

Pros of this generator

Lightweight and compact
Comes with a wall charger and voltage protection
The display will shot input and output wattage
It able to be plugged into a car DC port


Cannot power some devices that require a larger power source

This portable generator is a great device for those that enjoy the outdoors. It can charge lamps and phones. It may not be the most powerful device but it will provide enough of a charge so that a person can enjoy their outing. Check out the current price on Amazon.

Power Requirements

Determine where and how you need to use the best generator under $200 because they are usually low-powered. Estimate the right power capabilities of your generator before going for one.

Best Generator Under $200- Buying Guide
Best Generator Under $200- Buying Guide

The right type of generator
Select the right best generator under $200 among the following:

rechargeable/solar generator
gas powered generators
oil-gas-powered type of generator

Quality of construction

elect the best generator under $200 that utilizes high-quality generators considering the component use and the overall structure.


Nothing is troubling than owning a generator with low portability. The best generator under $200 is small but not always portable. Thus, consider portability when purchasing these types of generators.

The best generator under $200 can be considered when you are working on a tight budget. But consider the above factors to ensure you buy the right product.

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