Buying Best Generator Under $400

Buying Best Generator Under $400,

1. WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit

WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit

Product description

The product is fitted with a digital readout for oil change management and maintenance.

It features a low oil-shutdown, electric start, overload protection, and an automatic voltage regulator for maximum safety.

Buying Best Generator Under $400

It is compliant with the EPA III and CARB requirements, qualifying for sale across all states in the U.S.
Includes foldable handles and wheel kit for easy transporting

Its 223 cc engine is capable of providing 3750 rated watts and 4750 surge watts.
Its noise rating is 22 Ft 67 dB

Keys features

Black and Yellow
It has a wattage of 4750
It has dimensions of 26.6 by 17.1 by 17.3 inches.
It weighs 122.4 pounds.
The tank volume is 4 gallons.


Easy oil management through the digital readout
Maximum safety from the automatic voltage regulation
Easy maneuvering because of its compact design


It has an average build quality.


Considering this generator’s features, it is one of the best power solutions for outdoor and home activities.

Its superior features make it attractive to most of the other generators in the market. Check out the current price here.

Buying Best Generator Under $400

2. Yamaha Engine SC2000iV 2000-Watt 120 V Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Yamaha Engine SC2000iV 2000-Watt 120 V Super Quiet Inverter Generator

I’ve been looking for low-noise, well-priced generators everywhere for a long time.

When I looked at this generator, I instantly ordered two. They really are excellent generators.

Without a doubt, between the fact that they make very little noise, that they work perfectly and at a good capacity, and that they are very light, being generators, you can take them wherever you need power without any problem.


  • The generator is very quiet, I would dare to say it is exaggerated, my dog makes more noise, so it is perfect for places where the noise produced has to be as low as possible, like a concert for example.
  • It’s very light, considering it is an electricity generator, almost the same weight as a large suitcase, so it fits with the luggage that you can carry in the trunk of the car. This means you can have a source of electricity wherever you want.
  • With a power of 79 cc and 1 gallon of capacity, the generator allows more than 7 hours of electricity at half power, more than enough to provide electricity to mobile phones, fans, and small appliances.


  • Although it comes with its own cables to place two generators in parallel, and thus double the power, it does not reach the maximum power of the two generators, if there is an improvement in the electricity generated, but it does not reach what it should.

Below are some other generators that you may take look too.

1. DuroMax XP

It is bought with a tool kit and a wheel kit. It has a steel frame roll cage that prevents damage from the engine, its engine is not carb compliant, but EPA approved.

The engine has a voltmeter that contains an electrical starting system, thus preventing overloads.

Its fuel capacity is four gallons and runs for eight hours at half load, low oil shut down protects the engine from damage.

Buying Best Generator Under $400

2. Power mate portable inverter

It holds four gallons of fuel, the engine runs at 2000 watts surge and 1600 watts.

Its low oil shut down helps to extend engine life. This generator is portable and has a built-in carry handle because it’s lightweight is not powerful.

3. Durostar DS4400E

It has an air-cooled OHB 7 hp engine that is started using an electrical starting engine system.

Low oil warning and voltmeter shuts down the engine because of low oil and overloads, thus keeping the engine running perfectly for long.

The generator weighs 125 pounds and has a circuit breaker power outlets. It runs at 3500 watts with a 4400 watts surge.

4. Champion 42432

It is carb compliant, has a powerful engine running at 3500 watts and 4000 watts surge.

Its engine runs for ten hours when it’s half loaded. It has a lot of outlets like a RV receptacle, 120-volt duplex outlet, and 120-volt duplex.

Cast iron is used to protect the engine during transport.
What to look for when buying the best generator under $400

1. Fuel type

Diesel generators give the user better fuel efficiency and diesel is not easy to find as gasoline. One should use a stabilizer to negate the effects of ethanol.

2. Size

Generators vary in sizes 1800 -watt units to a whole house generator producing 20,000 watts. The prices vary deeply according to size.

3. Occasional and consistent use

Generators have warranties to cover their users. If one has a crew that needs a generator every day, it’s better for looking for a model with a legitimate commercial engine.

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