Champion 3100 vs Honda 3000 (Features Guide)

Champion 3000-Watts Inverter Generator vs Honda EU3000iS Inverter Generator

Champion 3100 vs Honda 3000 Overview

Champion 3100-Watt Inverter Generator Reviews

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Champion 3100 vs Honda 3000

It has a 171cc engine and you enjoy a quiet 58dBA for up to 8 hours run time on a 25% load.

The Champion 3100 is an RV Ready, quiet and portable inverter generator.

It also features an easy Quick Touch Panel and runs on an economy mode. The generator is a good solution for off-the-grid living, especially in an RV.

Product Features:

1. Easy Touch Panel

You can access all the control tools in one spot with a safe design that includes a low-oil sensor that shuts off when the amount of gasoline is low.

You also enjoy the convenience of pushing–to–reset circuit breakers and other easy controls.

2. Clean Power and Low Consumption

The Champion-3100 produces clean electricity for household consumption with 120V 30A RV and two 120V 20A RV.

It is also reliable and with a 171cc single-cylinder, the champion generator produces 3100 starting watts and running watts of 2800.

It runs for up to 8 hours at 25% load when the tank capacity when full is 1.6 gallons.

3. Extra-Quiet

The Champion generator is a smooth operator with a noise emission of around 58 dBA which is perfect for RVs, tailgating, natural living, or as a power backup for your home.

The 171cc is ideal because the engine works on low consumption and does not emit a lot of noise.

To lower noise pollution, you just need to switch the generator to operate on the economic road which makes it reduce activity consuming little fuel.

4. The Economy Mode

The smart economy mode incorporated in the inverter generator is ideal for saving fuel and low noise consumption.

The economy mode also reduces the electric load which extends engine life and improved fuel economy.

5. Champion Company Support

Champion 3100 is EPA and CARB compliant inverter.

The company supports any customers who buy the generator with the service and information necessary.

The 3-year limited warranty and limited technical support are enough to guarantee that what you are purchasing is of good quality.


  • Low noise production of 58 dBA.
  • It has an external remote for controlling its functions.
  • The inverter generator has built-in wheels that ease transportation.
  • The generator has an economy mode that reduces fuel consumption.
  • It has an RV outlet suitable for RV connection without other electrical accessories.


  • The generator is not strong enough to power different appliances’ that use heavy consumption, for instance, an air conditioner and a fridge at the same time.

Summary: The Champion 3100-watt generator is ideal for all kinds of living for its compatible nature and low noise levels.

The Honda EU30000iS 3000-watts Inverter Generator Reviews

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incorporated with inverter technology that provides reliable power for your household equipment from your fridge, television to computer or RV air conditioner.

The generator operates quietly and has a low noise emission of 58dBA and can run for up to 7 hours without having to be refueled.

Product Features:

1. Quiet Operation

The Honda inverter generator operates very smoothly with a minimal noise production of 58dBA which makes it ideal for most of the places where it cannot irritate people or animals.

The generator is good also for camping and outdoor living.

2. Economy Mode

The Honda EU3000iS runs on an economy mode that allows for lesser engine activity and moderate production of electric power especially when there are few appliances working.

The economy mode makes the inverter generator last long and lowers the consumption of gasoline.

3. Strong engine

The Honda inverter generator has a very strong engine of 196cc that produces reliable power for the consumption of general house applicants.

The engine also runs for a period of 7 hours on a quarter load of gasoline.


  • The inverter generator can power most of the household applicants and also outdoor works such as welding.
  • It is easy to move the generator once you install a swivel wheel kit.
  • The generator can run on both gasoline and propane.
  • The generator is easy to use with quick touch button controls.
  • It has an alternative coil restart in case the automatic start fails.


  • The Honda inverter generator does not have a remote control.
  • It does not have built-in wheels.
  • It is relatively expensive than other inverter generators.

Similarities between Champion and Honda EU3000iS

  1. Both inverter generators can operate on both propane and gasoline. However, Honda EU3000 does not offer you any warranty in case a problem occurs when using propane.

2. They are both very quiet in operation with the same range of noise production at 58Dba.

3. Both inverter generators operate on an economy mode to produce less electricity and power in case you are not in need of maximum power.

Keep Reading Champion 3100 vs Honda 3000 for more info.
  1. Both generators are easy to operate with quick touch buttons which ease operation.
  2. Also, both generators the champion 3100 and the Honda EU3000is can be used to power pretty every household appliance.
  3. Both inverter generator has a manual coil start installed to assist in any case the battery is low or the generators cannot start automatically. Check out Best generator deals Here

Differences between the Champion 3100 and the Honda EU3000is

  1. Champion 3100 vs Honda 3000 (Features Guide)
    While the Champion 3100 can last up to 8 hours on 25% of the tank, the Honda will last 7 hours before it is refueled again.
  2. The champion comes with built-in wheels to ease movement while the Honda EU3000 does not have installed wheels but you can install a pair in the spaces provided for installation.

3. The champion 3100 has a remote control to enable external control of the inverter generator from far while the           Honda inverter generator does not have any remote control.

  1. The Honda EU3000is has a stronger engine of 191cc while the champion 3100 generator has a weaker generator of 171cc.

These two generators are very ideal to use for both household backup and outdoor living.

However, there are compelling differences that make the two machines unique in their own way.

With the functions and performance of both put into perspective, it would be a wise choice to pick the champion 3100 due to its many advantages over the Honda EU3000is. Read about Champion generators here.

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