How to Connect Generator to House without Transfer Switch

How to Connect Generator to House without Transfer Switch Overview

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Connecting portable generators to your house can be complicated, especially when there is no transfer switch.

The power from the generator does help so much for home appliances like lighting, TV, fridges, among other heavy uses.

Here are ways how to connect a generator to a house without a transfer switch.

Methods Of Connecting Generator To The House Without Transfer Switch

Method 1: Wiring the System

 how to connect generator to house without transfer switch

• Identify Essential Appliance You Must Do With In Your House

Generators that are driven with petrol can have rated power of 3500W which can help in TV, lighting, fans, and the freezers.

The generator body always has that rated power which can be delivered by the generator for about 12 hours while having a single full tank.

• Look At The Power Requirement For The Electrical Devices You Want To Use

Considering the typical microwave, it can use about 1500 watts where the whole lights circuit can need about 150 watts of power.

The freezers are known to use approximately 1200 to 1500 watts with their starting capacitor that can increase the wattage the moment the compressor starts.

TVs can use about 900 watts by size and type whereas the fan for a small room can use 500 watts. Calculate to know the wattage needed in your home.

• Select Wiring System

You can contact the local department or even the power company to know the legal wiring system in your place.

Consider the place you can get accurate advice since the laws about wiring systems do vary in various cities, countries, and states.

• Install The Inlet Hook Up Box

The hookups will be installed outdoor of your home, which will recess the male connectors since they stick out and are not being plugged in.

They will then connect with any panel system that has been installed in the house.

All installation process needs to be performed by the experts so that you can ensure you have a system that is up to code and safe for you all.

• Ensure Your Family Is Safe

Most instructions and devices are offered on the internet concerning electrocution, injury, and house fire risks.

You must ensure that you confirm with your state specialists so you can continue with the installation so your family can be kept out of risk.

You, however, should not:
Connect the generator with the dryer or washing machine
Connect the generator into the breaker box directly if you don’t have an approved switch transfer

• Have An Inspected Set-Up

It is essential for the ones without experience with electrical appliances.

Ensure you keep your family safe and if there can be fire, make sure the insurance company won’t dispute your claims due to some faulty wiring.

Method 2: Plug It In

• Ensure Generator Is Placed Away From Home
Ensure your generator, and the cables which are bought with your generator are placed far away from your home.

It will prevent your home from catching fire if the generator experiences some problems.

It will also avoid poor carbon monoxide, which can be poisoning to the people around them.

The precaution is safety and must be considered.

• Plug The Generator Into The Hook-Up

Ensure your generator end codes are matched to the hookup prongs then have it plugged in.

You can also be forced to turn all plug connections so that it can be complete, mostly about 15 degrees.

• Plug The Attachment Cable In The Generator

The generator always has the cable which you will use in connecting it to your house.

Has it plugged in then select the voltage that you want if you can then have the same turn like that in the other end with its receptacle?

• Check Your Engine

Ensure your engine throttle position is correct, and there is more oil in the engine.

You can need to have the engine preheated using the glow plug.

That will depend on the place you live in.

• Start Your Engine

Start the engine of your generator as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

• Switch Your System

You should go into your breaker and flip off its utility main then turn on your generator main.

• Flip The System Breakers

After installing the system, flip its breakers, where you will turn on all available loads slowly one after the other.

• Return To The Utility Power

Have the operation order reversed so you can return to your utility power.

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Transfer switch for generator

Transfer Switch with connect cable

Today, an ever-increasing number of homes and places of business are introducing lasting generators that can work all or a large portion of the machines and electrical things in the structure.

The utilization of changeless entire house generators has gotten important as individuals are more reliant upon gadgets than at any time in recent memory.

For instance, even chimneys, stoves, and phones presently require power so having a force blackout can make it difficult to remain in your home or place of business.

If you have introduced an entire house generator or if you have introduced a generator for your office condition, you should have the option to utilize your generator. Generator transfer switches permit you to do only that.

What is the transfer switch for a generator?

Transfer Switch image

Generator transfer switches will be switches that are utilized to switch the wellspring of capacity to your home. Normally, power enters your home through a fundamental electrical cable from your electric organization.

The force is then appropriated to the entirety of the things in your home that require power so those things can work.

At the point when the force goes out, notwithstanding, you have to change the wellspring of the force.

Rather than drawing from the electrical cable that gets power from the service organization, you have to draw power from the generator and transfer that capacity to the machines and things in your home or office.

When the force backpedals on, you will at that point need to do the invert and switch back to having your capacity originated from the electric organization.

When changing from generator capacity to control given by the electric organization, it is significant that force from the generator doesn’t go pull out and down the primary line that should acquire power from the electric organization.

This line is implied distinctly for the capacity to come in and it very well may be risky to have power from the generator travel out. A generator switch ensures this doesn’t occur.

A generator transfer switch has an “Off” position that the client must switch to before the switch from the generator to electric-organization power is made.

This guarantees the force is totally off before the change is made with the goal that no force ventures to every part of the incorrect path down the electrical cable to cause harm.

Advantages of Generator Transfer Switches

Transfer Switch

Generator transfer switches give numerous advantages. The most noteworthy and significant advantage is that they utilize a generator safely.

In numerous territories, you are required to have your generator transfer switch introduced by a circuit tester, which assists with going an additional above and beyond in guaranteeing the sheltered utilization of your generator in your home or office.

Generator transfer switches can likewise utilize your generator considerably more helpful.

It is conceivable to choose a programmed generator transfer switch with the goal that when the force goes out, the wellspring of your capacity can switch consequently over to your generator and you won’t lose the capacity to the significant frameworks in your home.

Programmed generator transfer switches along these lines have the preferred position of wellbeing as well as of most extreme comfort also.

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What You Should Know: Manual Vs Automatic Transfer Switch

Usually, a transfer switch refers to an electrical switch, key work is to switch a load between two sources.

In a manual transfer switch, there is an operator who affects the transfer throwing a switch whereas in an Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS) the sense of one the sources has lost or got power automatically, generally installed were back up generator is available to provide temporary electrical power.

Let’s have a look at manual vs automatic transfer switches, which one you should select for your next purchase.

People with lower budget prefers manual transfer switch helps the cost minimization on design, fabrication, and installation. It is also small in size and easy to install.

On the other hand, if you are tired of power interruption frequently or a moment is very much precious to you, better to go with an automatic transfer switch.

Usually, the businesses or hospitals where a single moment of time can cause a great loss to choose ATS.

Installation of an ATS requires an experienced electrician to do the job carefully.

More about wire a transfer Switch

You have been very careful in choosing the generator you buy for home or business use. And why wouldn’t you do that? It’s an investment in a hug – and a worthy one.

However, keep in mind that you still have an important choice to make. You need to choose a transfer switch to transfer energy from normal electricity to the generator properly.

Here is some detailed information that will help you search for the right switch to pair with your new generator.

Transfer switches defined

Wire a transfer switch may be automatic or even manual. It’s done to redirect power from the original reference to the backup source. They are commonly used with generators connected to your home or business.

Manual vs. Automatic

An automatic wire transfer switch does not require any intervention from you.

When that power turns off, the automatic wire transfer switch shall detect a power failure and do its job independently. This reduces the headaches that usually occur with loss of strength.

Is it okay to install a DIY transfer switch?

It is not recommended to install your own switch for several reasons. If you are not a licensed and trained electrician, the best bet is to leave it to the specialists to care for you. They will do a good job and eliminate all worries.

Is there a good place to find and buy transfer switches?

As with moth items these days, the best bet is probably to look for a switching provider on the internet.

Usually, these companies specialize in the sale and installation of the generator and will have a deep catalog of switches to choose from. Online shopping has its advantages. First of all, it’s pretty simple.

Companies worthy of your business facilitate the buying process with convenient search tools and well-designed catalog pages. It also gives you lots of product information, including fact sheets, pictures, and in some cases, even YouTube videos.

When shopping online, you also have an easier time comparing prices, as you can attract multiple distributors at once and check what their generators are for. This ease of comparison allows you to get the best deals out there.

Is there a preferred brand of transfer switches?

The best bet is to buy a switch with the same brand as the generator you bought or will buy.

This way, you will know that they fit perfectly. For example, if you are going with a Generac Generator, choose a Generac transfer switch. In conclusion, choose a brand name that you have heard about that is trustworthy.


After you are done with the above methods, you will be sure to have connected power into your home, which will help in your daily home appliances. Check the transfer switch price here.

Even though it is possible to connect your generator without a transfer switch, I think that it is a good idea to have it there for the protection of your appliances. Read the Pros and Cons of transfer switch here.

Note: Make sure to read your generator’s manual for instructions and safety tips.

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