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Best Gasoline Generator

To understand which best gasoline generator is best to buy, you must first answer the questions – what is it for, and what kind of load is assumed?

The best gasoline generator runs on gasoline or diesel and includes 120-volt sockets like those on the walls of your house.

What makes the best gasoline generator so great is which it gives everybody with safe, clean, and portable energy in a disaster or outdoors, such as camping.

Generators are beneficial machines, especially after a power outage due to a storm or other unforeseen circumstances.

You will usually notice that generators come in several basic types: portable or backup.

Best gasoline generators are suitable for your favorite outdoor leisure activities, such as walking, hiking, camping, and hunting.

A generator’s operation is the same as any other type of generator that uses propane, diesel, or sometimes natural gas.

What makes the generator special and backup generators is that if there is a loss of electricity due to a storm, it can be used to generate energy.

Some things to keep in mind are that the generator can last up to two whole days without requiring more gas to run it. But the only thing to remember is that the generators are powerful and produce anywhere up to 80 dB.

In the sound as well as some parks do not allow these annoying park generators. Some companies like Honda produce a small generator of about 45 dB of power.

You need to know about the price because, with a generator, the price usually starts around $ 130 and increases the cost to $ 3,500 on some models.

There is always a fit for any generator you want, but you should know that some can become quite expensive. Some of the best and high-quality best gasoline generators are the Yamaha and Honda generators that can suit any of your energy needs.

It’s important to remember what you want to use first before buying it, so size matters. Our recommendation is to look for the best gasoline generator that is also powerful and has a reasonable price.

Two types of generators are available: You want to be unique in finding a store that gives you the best bang for your dollar and offers excellent and reliable performance in the effort you need.

To do this, determine the total power of everything connected to the generator and add it together. If you get stuck, the power is usually applied to your home or rear appliances.

Best gasoline generators are handy tools, but they require safe handling to prevent serious injury or even death. So please be careful if this is your first time using one.

Will it be a short-term power supply in case of a centralized power supply in the house or is the electric generator necessary for long-term operation?

What to Consider when Choosing a Gasoline Generator

How many consumer devices are supposed to be connected at the same time?

Will the unit be moved or will it be stationary? To facilitate the selection, consider the main criteria in more detail.


On this basis, electric generators are divided into two groups: household and professional.

Household generators have small dimensions and power up to 4 kW with a duration of continuous operation for up to 4 hours.

After that, the system must be cooled. Such units are convenient to use as a backup source for short-term power outages.

Professional gasoline generators and power plants have a capacity of up to 30 kW. They installed a more powerful four-stroke engine.

Time of continuous work – up to 10 hours. This allows you to use them as energy sources in industrial enterprises that do not have a centralized energy supply.

For the installation of such equipment usually requires a separate room, but they can fully provide energy to large warehouses, workshops or office buildings.
Generator power

All power generators can be divided into four groups:

0.35–1.5 kW for mobile use;
2–4 kW for the energy supply of country houses;
5-15 kW for industrial use or for supplying energy to holiday cottages;
from 15 kW and more for intensive use in industrial buildings or residential buildings.

To correctly calculate the power of a gasoline generator, you need to know the following:

The number of devices that will be connected to the generator,
power of these devices.
The coefficient of starting current for each of them (indicated in the passport).

Example: you need to buy a gasoline generator for a country house with the connection of a refrigerator, electricity in the dark and a TV set for three to four hours a day.

The power of the refrigerator, TV and two 100 W lamps will be 0.3 kW × 3.3 (starting current) + 0.08 kW × 1 + 0.2 kW × 1 = 1.27 kW.

Taking into account the fact that it is better to buy a gasoline generator with a power margin of 20%, an apparatus with a power of 1.5-2 kW will suffice.

Engine’s Type

All gasoline generators have an internal combustion engine (ICE). It can be push-pull and four-stroke.

The two-stroke engine is usually used in devices of lower power. It uses gasoline more economically, is easy to operate and can be easily started at low temperatures.

The output voltage can “float” from 210 V to 240 V, as well as the current frequency. The price of generators with this engine is relatively low.

However, it is noisy and produces more harmful emissions than its four-stroke fellow.

The four-stroke engine is installed on powerful units designed for long-term work.

The resource of such engines significantly exceeds the two-stroke, they are quieter and less polluting.

But due to the fact that the oil enters the engine separately, without mixing with gasoline, it is more difficult to start a four-stroke engine in cold weather.

Voltage can also “float”, but due to the fact that homogeneous fuel is used, the engine runs smoother, which in turn provides a more “even” voltage at the output.

Prices for electric generators with such an engine are higher.

Therefore, if there is a need to buy a cheap gasoline generator, you should make a choice in favor of a two-stroke engine.

Cooling Type

On this basis, all gasoline generators are divided into two groups:

Air cooling. Air cooling is flowing and closed.

Flow-through cooling, as a rule, is solved by finning of the piston body.

Closed – by embedding a fan in the building of a power station, forcibly forcing or sucking air through a grate in the case.

It is distinguished by the minimum cost of maintaining the system, the simplicity of the device and low price.

The main disadvantage of air cooling is the short lifespan of the generator.

This is because the engine heats up so quickly that the surrounding air does not have time to cool it.

Due to their small size and low weight, such generators are often used as mobile portable energy sources.

Water cooling. Generators of this type are cooled with water or special coolant circulating through the system.

The water-cooled gasoline generator can work almost without needing interruptions.

It has a more complex design, large size and requires control of the coolant level.

What to Consider when Choosing a Gasoline Generator

Such a generator can be used as a permanent power source.

The prices for water-cooled generators are significantly higher.
Working hours

The duration of the uninterrupted operation of the generator depends on the type of cooling system and the size of the gas tank and the intensity of the load.

The more instruments connected to the generator, the greater the gas mileage and the less time the unit will continuously function.

Portable low power petrol power plants can operate without refueling and shutdown for one to three hours.

This time is quite enough in the field or during a power outage at the cottage.

Powerful generators have fuel tanks of 20 liters and can operate continuously for up to 20 hours.


Gasoline generators can be single and three phases.

To determine the required phase of the generator, you must know exactly what devices will be connected to it.

To a single-phase generator, you can connect only single-phase devices, which include almost all household appliances.

If it is supposed to work with three-phase units – welding machines, pumps, multi-burners, and others.

Then you should buy a three-phase gasoline power plant.

It is possible to connect single-phase devices to it, but it should be remembered that the permissible load at each phase should not exceed 30% and should be uniform.

The solution to the problem is to connect devices via a converter or an autotransformer, but for a non-expert, this process is laborious and risky.

Startup Method

There are two options for starting the generator: manual and electric.

Manual start.

Devices with manual start are the most common because of their low cost, the simplicity of the device and reliability.

However, if you need to run the generator on the street at low temperatures, they are not too convenient.

Electro starts Generators of this group can be started from the key or even have a remote start system using the remote control.

The best gasoline generators are equipped with an automatic electronic start-up when the unit starts to work independently when the power is turned off.

Such generators are very convenient for backup power supply of enterprises, homes, other large and critical facilities.

Prices for such generators are quite high.

Alternator Type

Alternators, or alternators, in a gasoline power station are of two types:

With synchronous alternator (generator) – designed for emergency power residential and office buildings, construction, and production facilities.

Power plants equipped with a synchronous alternator are resistant to peak loads, but have poor protection against dust and water, since they are usually equipped with an air cooling system.

With asynchronous alternator (generator) – less resistant to peak loads, but provide more accurate voltage parameters in the network.

Therefore, they are indispensable for emergency connection of medical equipment, computers, other complex electronic devices.

Generators of this type are equipped, as a rule, with professional installations.

The latter are often placed in soundproof enclosures, excluding ingress of foreign bodies, and have a closed system of liquid cooling.

All this significantly increases the life of the device.

Type of construction

On this basis, the generators are divided into frame and portable:

Frame generators are a frame on which all units of the unit are fastened: a gas tank, an engine, an alternator.

Such generators can be large in size and power.
Portable generators are made in the form of a “suitcase” with a fully enclosed housing.

Due to their small size and weight, these generators can be used by emergency services when working at facilities.

They can be taken on trips outside the city, installed in temporary camps or bases.


Buy a gasoline generator for domestic use can be relatively inexpensive. Such units are cheaper than diesel analogs.

The domestic and Chinese generators are available at the price.

Equipment of well-known European companies can cost several tens of thousands of rubles, while it will not necessarily have a large capacity.

The best models of gas generators from titled brands.

We will get acquainted with the most famous manufacturers of gasoline generators and see what they offer.

Technical characteristics of popular models from each company for ease of comparison will be given in the form of a table (see table 1 below).


The company has been producing gasoline generators in Russia since 2008.

During this time, it has developed several series of gasoline power plants: single-phase BES SGB with a capacity of up to 6.5 kW and three-phase BES with a capacity of up to 9.5 kW.

In addition, consumers can buy a BIG series single-phase gasoline inverter generator with an asynchronous alternator with a power of 1-3.5 kW, designed for devices sensitive to the quality of the output current.


ENERGO generators are developed by the Japanese company Sawafugji Electric Co. Ltd together with the Russian company MNPO “Energospetstekhnika”.

The Japanese company is known in the market of energy devices since 1908 since 1961 began the production of gasoline generators of all types.

Equipment is shipped to more than 100 countries. ENERGO petrol generators are assembled on the basis of Elemax series generators (SHEX series) in Japan, but they are designed for the Russian market.

The company’s assortment includes inverter units of the EA 1000I, EA 2000I series and petrol – Energo EA 3200, 3900, 4600, 5300, 6600, 6500R


The company’s headquarters is located in Northern Ireland, and the production capacity in the USA, China, Brazil, and India is about 186 thousand square meters.

Meters Each year, the company produces 132,000 generators for various purposes of the F and P series with a capacity from 54 to 200 kW.

What to Consider when Choosing a Gasoline Generator

The company’s products comply with EU emission standards IIIa (suitable for powering mobile (non-stationary) systems throughout Europe or in cases where higher protection requirements for emissions are needed).

FG WILSON also produces high-power generators from 580 to 2000 kW, designed for large investment projects and capable of working in conditions of increased complexity, for example, at ambient temperatures of up to -50 o C.


The company began operations 40 years ago in Germany. Petrol generators are produced at 19 plants in Germany as well as in Sweden, Italy, and China.

FUBAG supplies equipment for well-known corporations, such as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, is ISO certified and has also been voluntarily certified by TÜV.

FUBAG launches BS series petrol power plants – low -cost backup or emergency generators, and series HS – for professional use, equipped with powerful engines.

For the connection of electronic devices sensitive to the quality of current, the company manufactures TI series inverter generators.


Products of the German company Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH, founded in 1961, are supplied to Russia under the trademark GEKO.

The company manufactures and sells electrical equipment for professional use in more than 40 countries.

The concern has been operating in Russia since 1997.

The official dealer of “Geko Russia” has service centers throughout the country with round-the-clock technical support.

All power plants of the company are divided into the household, Die Robusten series, professional Die Professional, industrial Die Grossen and Super Silent Super Quiet Power from 2.5 to 500 kW.


What to Consider when Choosing a Gasoline Generator

The world-famous Japanese automobile concern HONDA, established in 1936, produces power equipment of the highest quality.

All gasoline generators of the company are divided into two large groups by purpose:

for home (domestic) series EU, EP, EG, EM, ET;
for work (industrial) EGT, ECM.
The company produces single-phase and three-phase generators with a manual and electrical start. Power petrol generators from 1 to 11 kW. Prices for HONDA generators are quite high.


The German company HÜTER appeared on the Russian market in the early 2000s. The main direction of work – electric generators and garden equipment.

ÜTER produces gasoline generators of the series DN, DY, HT and diesel series LGD with power from 1 to 10 kW. In 2015, the Russian Association of Trading Companies and Power Tool Manufacturers recognized ÜTER as one of the market leaders.


The Chinese company KIPOR was formed by the merger of two large factories KIPOR WUXI POWER Co., Ltd. and KAMA WUXI POWER Co., Ltd. in 1998.

Under this brand power plants are manufactured under license from the Japanese corporation HONDA Motor Co., which guarantees high-quality products.

The equipment of the plants allows the production of unique digital inverter generators in the TG series 0.77–9.5 kW housings, digital IG series 3–6 kW generators and KGE gasoline generators 2.2–8.5 kW.


The Japanese company began its activities in 1890 with the production of cast iron pipes for water pipes.

Since the 20s of the twentieth century, the company has been developing its own power plants. Since 1972 – begins to open its offices around the world.

KUBOTA manufactures high-end generators with a capacity from 1 to 70 kW of the J series (frame) and GL (in casings). The products are certified according to EPA, EC and GOST R.


The French company SDMO has been producing gasoline generators since 1966. Currently has dozens of offices around the world.

The company has been operating in Russia since 1995. The model range of generators, including petrol, has more than 500 units.

The company offers power plants of the Perform series with a capacity of 2.4–6.5 kW, Alize — 2.8–5.6 kW, HX — 3–6.5 kW and Technic – 6.5–15.2 kW.

All SDMO products certified according to the QUALIGEN standard. From 2016, products are manufactured under the brand name KOHLER SDMO.


Generators under the trademark SUBARU produces a Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, established in 1953.

The company has four production divisions, generators are manufactured by the industrial products department, Robin.

The company’s products are exported to almost 100 countries around the world, including Russia. Robin Subaru petrol power plants are available in three series: RGV, RGD, RGX and compact R series.

“KAMA – Energy”

The Russian company KAMA-Energetika produces 180 types of products, including power plants with a capacity from 20 to 180 kW of series V.

The company not only sells ready-made generators but also takes orders for individual design and manufacture with delivery, installation, and service.

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