Generac 38kw generator

Why Choose Generac 38KW Generator?

Are you looking for an affordable back for your entire home or other items than usual? Generac protector is a perfect choice for an automatic backup.

Generac 38kw generator info

Besides, this unit powers essential appliances along with modern technologies in its power outages. And this allows homeowners with or their families to enjoy lights without any interruption.

  • Power technology
    This generator delivers best-in-class with less than five perfect total harmonic distortion quality. And this ensures a smooth and clean operation of sensitive appliances and electronics.
  • Connectivity mobile link
    The device comes standard with a mobile link that allows the user to monitor the generator status from anywhere. In this case, you have to use an internet connection and your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Connect your account to the authorized service dealer for friendly, fast, and convenient assistance.
  • Controller
    The evolution controllers are designed to feature multilingual, active two-line light text display with backlit buttons and color-coded. Besides, the generator has received modern upgrades in these features as it comes with USB flash capability, voltage adjustment, smart battery charging, and backlit membrane pad buttons.
  • Durability
    The powder-coated finish makes this generator corrosion-resistant, perfect for different weather conditions.
  • Warranty
    Based on the generator size, you are likely to be given a strong warranty between ten, five, and seven-year limited warranty.
    Why should someone choose the Generac 38kw generator?
    Cost reduction and flexible installation are among the top major reasons many clients like this generator. Plus, an intuitive and sophisticated control alongside quite an operation also makes this generator a better option.

38kw Generac generator

38KW Generac generators are helpful for automatic light backup power in your home, commercial business, etc.

The unit powers modern appliances and sensitive business technologies during power outages. And this offers profit protection to your business.

  • Voltage- 240/120V Single Phase
  • Rated watts- 38
  • Type-standby generator
  • Enclosure – Aluminum
  • Rated Amps- 158
  • Starting – Automatic start
  • Weight – 1271 lbs
  • Engine brand- generac
  • Engine RPM – 1800
  • Engine size 2.4 liters
  • Cooling system- liquid-cooled
  • Shipping – 52H TIMES 84w TIMES 39 D
  • Consumer warranty- five-decade limited warranty
    It features
  • Clean burning
    It uses natural gas and delivers the best power quality with less than five perfect harmonic distortions in total. This ensures you get a smooth and clean operation for your appliances and business.
  • Mobile link
    This remote monitoring link allows the user to check their generator status from any place using their smartphones, computer, and tablets.
  • Aluminum enclosure
    This offers enhanced durability and is corrosion-resistant. And, it is a significant benefit for even businesses residing in the salt-ware and coastal environments.
  • More powerful
    It runs at 1800 RPM, providing a greener and quitter engineered to run for substantial performance. Besides, the low liquid-cooled, low-speed generator packs power with a smaller footprint compared to the air-cooled models. With this, you enjoy reduced fuel consumption.


With improved electrical connection and stub, ups access decreases the installation cost. And this makes the 38kw Generac generator a reasonable choice for many people. It can save your business, home, or other essential activities run as usual even in the absence of electricity.

Generac 38kw generator

Moreover, there you got it! Automatic backup power to your entire custom home; consider a Generac 38kw generator. The company behind this generator has been around since 1959. Thus, it has built a good reputation for producing quality and robust emergency power generation units for residential and industrial use.

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