My Generac Generator Won’t Start Why

My Generac Generator Won't Star My Generac Generator Won’t Start Why? I will answer this question in this post, so keep reading. The Generac generator is one of the best generators that are used at home to power devices once there is a power outage. You will also 13 common reasons why your generator may not start.

Most people use this type of generator to ensure that their refrigerator, heating units and other sensitive devices like phones and laptop running in winter storms.

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In particular, it does not always mean that Generac generators will start in case of an emergency. Since they are machines just like any other, they can also have some problems which can hinder them from starting. This requires you to repair some of the issues, and if you find it hard to do it, you can call the help of a professional to fix it.

Some reasons can make your Generac generator not to start, and you have to know them for you fix them and get your running as normal.

One of the major things that you should check in case this happens is the spark plug. You have to check it and find out if there are symptoms of damage or wear. In case the porcelain insulator has cracked, an electrode is damaged or burned away.

Sometimes, there may be a heavy carbon buildup on the electrode, and this requires that the spark plug should be replaced. Learn how to clean up your generator here.

Generac standby generator won’t start

My Generac Generator The Generac standby generators may have a problem when it comes to starting. Just like other Generac generators, the reasons for not starting might be similar, and this requires you to check for any.

The spark plug may have a problem where it can be damaged, or it shows the signs of wear. Ensure to examine if the plug is defective by the use of a tool like a spark plug tester.

Additionally, there may be another major reason as to why the Generac standby generator won’t start. There are chances that the carburetor of the generator may be clogged. Issues of fuel being left in the generator for a long time can make the carburetor clog.

Generac propane generator won’t start

There are those Generac generators that operate using propane, and they may have a problem with starting just like any other Generac generators.

Fuel can be one of the reasons that the generator won’t start running and you have to check if it is available. After checking on fuel, you have to find out if the air intake or filter and the exhaust pipe are in good condition. You have to start by checking the spark plug and see if it is in good condition.

If the spark plug has no problem, it is time for you to check on other parts of the generator that are more expensive. It is time for you to see if the regulator is running normally and if not, you need to have it fixed so that the generator starts to run.

Generac natural gas generator won’t start

My GeneracWhen your natural gas Generac generator has a problem with starting, there may be some reasons behind it. The most common problem can be fuel, and just as its name suggests, they run on natural gas.

Check whether your natural gas supplier is keeping things going and if the gas is supplied, it is time for you to look at other issues that may likely cause a problem.

Down at the right, you will find you will see some two wires coming from it. Pull out the one that is on top to ensure that the gas comes out. If that does not work, it is time to see if there is a spark coming from the spark plugs. If it checks out, then there may be something that is shorting out the ignition coils.

Generac generator won’t turn over

We have looked at some of the reasons as to why your Generac generator won’t start. Fuel supply is the first thing to look, ensure that it is available so that you get to know the other reasons as to why your Generac won’t turn over.

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At this time, you have to check your ignition coil since it is responsible for sending power to the spark plug when the generator’s engine is running.

The engine will not start in case the ignition coil is defective. One can think of replacing the ignition coil to see if the problem can be solved. Ensure to test the ignition coil using an ignition coil tester and replace it if it is defective. This will help solve your generator’s problem when it is not starting.

Generac generator will not crank

Many reasons are behind your Generac generator not starting. All the reasons can be arranged from the most likely reason to less one.

This does not mean that the less likely reasons won’t cause your Generac generator not to crank. There are situations when the generator starts but shuts down after some few seconds, and this means that there is a problem to be fixed.

First, you have to check if fuel is available whether the Generac generator is running on natural gas or propane. If fuel is not available, then it means that your generator will not start at all.

There are some cases when you leave fuel in the generator for a long time. Some ingredients of the fuel evaporate over time hence leaving a stickier and thicker substance.

The thicker substance will have a problem to your carburetor which clogs hence the engine will not start at all. Ensure to check your carburetor and find out if it is clogged and try to clean it using a carburetor cleaner. It is not always a guarantee that cleaning can help to solve the carburetor problem.

In some cases, it will require you to rebuild the carburetor when cleaning is not effective. You can also choose to replace the whole carburetor so that your generator can crank again.

Other than the points mentioned above, there are some that may cause a problem to your Generac generator. The battery of your generator may be dying slowly, and this can often make your generator not to crank. The battery may keep dying due to different reasons but we will at the main reasons here.

First, the voltage regulator should send the right amount of power to the battery to keep it charged. In case it is defective, it won’t send enough voltage to the battery, and this will make it drain quickly. The alternator may also be at fault and to determine this, a multimeter can be used to check for its continuity.

New Generac generator won’t start

A new Generac generator may fail to start due to various reasons. We assume that a new generator is in good condition since it was first tested before released to the marked.

In case it fails to start at home, it is better for you to consider that there may be a fault in its installation. It is advisable for you to find a qualified Generac technician to install the generator for you at home and ensure that there is no error at all.

There may be chances that the generator is not in the auto. Specifically, means that it will now start power immediately goes and this will have a lot of problems in your home when you are not around.

Generac generator troubleshooting

My Generac Generator Won't The idea of installing a Generac generator in your home can be a great one especially if you care about keeping your functional as well as safe in case of an outage.

However, it will not be of any good to you if it keeps bugging out or fails to run. In case you are having some problems with your generator, there are a few things that you can do to fix them.

You need to find a specialist who deals with Generac generators, and he will help you troubleshooting your generator. We have outlined some things that one can do.

Ensure that fuel is available

There is a chance that the generator was used before and it has not been refueled. Also, the system of the generator may also have sprung a leak hence the fuel may not be available.

The mechanical gauge to show the level of fuel in your generator can stick, and this will give a false level of fuel. Some fuel tanks may fail to start your generator in case the fuel level is low and therefore, you should check the level of fuel periodically and top it as required.

Check all electrical connections

Ensure that all wires that are visible and the fuel lines are tight and snug with no cracking or fraying. In case of a wiring issue, it is better for you to call a professional to fix it. Additionally, ensure that the generator is engaged and the switch is on the ‘on’ position firmly.

If the generator has served for some time, it can develop a sticking issue, and the switch may not fully engage without you pushing it. It may not sound helpful, but you will realize that the generator will have a problem in operating. Remember that you cannot handle all issues and therefore, a professional should be there to help.

Champion generator won’t start

The champion generator should be reliable like any other generator since buyers require them for purposes of emergency.

For people living in remote areas, it will cause some minor discomforts when the generators fail to start. It is crucial to note that unexpected failures can happen even on brands that are popular like champion especially when the generator has not been in use for a while.

Low fuel level or degraded fuel can cause the generator not to start, and therefore you should check to refill or change the fuel.

How to fix a champion generator that fails to start

  1. Check the starting system

My Generac Generator solutionSome of the champion generators are not simple to start, and this will cause problems with the air filter. In case the air filter is dirty or blocked, the fuel won’t properly burn since there is not enough air supply.

You have to use your manual to find the air filter to fix it, and it is usually found in around the choke from the front side. Be keen when opening your generator and while cleaning it.

You can remove the air filter and replace with a different one. Sometimes, you can clean it depending on the model of the champion generator.

  1. Examine the batteries or the spark plug

If you realize that the air filter has no problems, it is time to inspect the spark plug. Test it to find out if it is still working or it is already damaged. You are free to clean it, but if it does not work, you better replace it with a new one. Ensure that the wires are properly installed when installing a different spark plug. Some models have an electronic system of starting hence you should pet some new batteries to start the generator properly.

  1. Check the level of oil

Most of the champion generators are built with a low oil sensor which will prevent them from starting in case the level of oil is too low. It is your responsibility to check indicator and see the oil’s actual level in the crankcase.

If the oil is required, you can only add the one that is preferred by the champion’s manufacturers. In case the oil is enough and but the sensor shows otherwise, then it may be having a problem.

The manual can help you locate it, or you can trace the yellow wire in the crankcase.

  1. Check the fuel level

The generators can degrade the fuel or the full has been in the tank for a long period of three months. This will not be good for you since it can clog the carburetor and therefore you need to fix properly drain it.

A clogged carburetor can be one of the reasons behind the failure to start off your champion generator. You can remove the carburetor, clean it properly. In case it fails, it is advisable for you to go for a new carburetor. You can now try to restart your generator.

Common reasons for Generac generator failure

The generator battery:

generatorsA large number of Generac generators fail due to damaged batteries. Once the generator’s batteries fail, they won’t hold a charge for long hence they will not start your generator.

Failure happens when the battery is recharged and discharged too many times.

It is advisable for you to replace your batteries if it has been neglected or has been in use for about three years.

Coolant problem:

In case the coolant level is low due to leaking, or the coolant is not properly flowing; it makes the engine of the generator to get hot.

The sensors on the generator will detect the heat, and it will shut down. Occasionally, dust, grit and internal corrosion hinder the radiator core hence you should check for the cleanliness of your radiator.

Always remember to check for any coolant leaks internally in case the oil is discolored. Ensure that you follow every detail that we have outlined above so that your generator serves you well for a long time. Some Generac models can be very expensive, and you will have wasted a lot of money if they fail to work.

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13 common reasons why a generator won’t start

A reliable power supply is essential in every organization. A cut in the power supply will lead to discontinuation of production processes leading to massive losses. In hospitals lack of power supply for a few minutes may result in loss of life. It is vital to have an external power supply that won’t malfunction.

Many institutions have generators that directly supply power when electricity is unavailable. However, due to specific reasons, a generator may fail to start in the time leading to negative consequences. What are the 13 common reasons a generator won’t start?

1) A dead battery

A battery fuels the operation of a generator. If the battery is dead, then it only means the generator will not start. If you experience a problem with starting the power system check the battery and if it is dead replace it.

2) Low levels of oil

Low levels of oil will render a generator not functional. Quickly check the level in the crankcase and refuel.

3) Has consumed all the gas

Gas is necessary for running a generator. Check if it has sufficient gasoline in the tank, if not add more.

4) The fuel valve is clogged or closed

The fuel valve controls the flowage of gas to the carburetor, and if it is locked or clogged, it will prevent gas from reaching the carburetor. Ensure it is open and working correctly.

5) Choke level faults

The choke level should always be closed when starting a generator and open when the generator is running. Make sure the choke level is in the right position.

6) A malfunctioning engine

An engine runs the generator. If there is a problem in the engine such as wear, cracking and leaks the generator will not function properly. The engine needs a replacement for it to operate effectively.

7) Clogging of the carburetor

If the generator is not frequently used, old gas may jam in the carburetor preventing it from proper functioning. Remove the carburetor’s bowl and clean it.

8) The spark plug is not working

Dirt may build up on the spark plug preventing it from functioning correctly. Clean it carefully and return it accurately in its position.

9) Electronic devices are plugged in during the startup process

Always make sure all devices are unplugged before attempting to start the generator.

10) Dirt on the air filter

A filter is necessary to allow air into the carburetor to assist in the ignition. If the air filter is blocked and can’t let the passage of air the carburetor will not work. Clean the air filter properly.

11) Coolant problems

Coolant is necessary for all types of generators. Overheating will lead to the generator parts malfunctioning. Ensure the coolant levels are normal.

12) Ignition coil not working

The ignition coil is responsible for sending power to the spark plug. Thus make sure the ignition coil is working effectively.

13) Oil sensor is not working

Oil sensor needs to be working correctly for the effective running of the generator. Check if the oil sensor is in excellent condition.

Bottom Line

The above 13 common reasons a generator won’t start are fundamental for all generators. However, some generators differ, and a specific manual is necessary to help you handle the problem. The final reason why a generator will not start is due to the failure of a significant part, lack of enough oil or gas and a dead battery. Identify the problem or hire an expert to assist you.


To sum up, if it happens that your generator won’t start, don’t be panic, just try a few tips that I mentioned in this post, hopefully, it will work. Good luck. You may also check this cool generator on Amazon.

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