How To Generate Electricity At Home For Free

Today, electricity is part and parcel of our lives. We need it in our homes for a lot of things such as cooking, lighting, charging, powering your TV and much more.

We have become so used to electricity to a point that it’s becoming impossible to live without it.

Most of us rely on the power grid for electricity.

But, what if it collapses one day?

What if you move to a remote area that has no access to the power grid?

Will you live without electricity?

Probably not. You should try and explore other ways of generating electricity in your home.

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Below are ways on how to generate electricity at home for free.

Before we dive into that, you need to know that the only way to generate electricity for free is by utilizing natural resources around us. Most of the time, there are some upfront fees.

1.Solar Power

solar power tips

Solar panels are quite common in most homes.

They are an excellent way of generating free electricity for your home.

You will, however, need a solar panel and rechargeable batteries.

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The panel should then be strategically placed at the roof where it will have direct access to sunlight.

The panel should be connected to rechargeable batteries that will be recharged during the day and can be used at night.

The amount of electricity generated depends on the size of the solar panel.

For you to generate a substantial amount of free electricity, you ought to have a big-sized solar panel. It will in turn light up your home, charge your phones, power your TV and much more.

Remember, having a battery bank is an excellent idea because you will be able to use electricity when the sunsets.

3. Wind Turbines

The wind is also another great source of free electricity.

To make matters even better, if you live in a hilly area then wind can provide you with a substantial amount of electricity all day and night long.

For you to generate electricity from wind, you need to install a wind turbine.

You can either purchase a manufactured one or locally build one by yourself.

The wind turbine entails a set of propellers and a turbine.

The turbine should then be connected to a generator and thus generate electricity. In this scenario, the wind will be the source of fuel for the generator.

Alternatively, if a generator isn’t available, the turbine can directly be connected to carry out some tasks such as pumping water.

The wind turbine can be a permanent solution to all your electricity needs.

It’s because the wind is an unlimited resource, free and will never run out.

3. Water Power

water power tips

Water generates electricity using the same principle that wind does.

If there is a river, waterfall or any other source of flowing water near your home you can use it to generate free electricity.

Before the invention of fuels, water was the main source of energy for thousands of years.

Today, with the aid of a hydroelectric turbine and a generator, you will have access to electricity at no cost at all.

The turbine will be turned by the flowing water and as a result, create electricity using the generator.

A hydroelectric generator is capable of producing a sufficient amount of power that can sustain you every day.

This can only happen as long as the water is flowing. Finding a fast-moving fast water source will ensure that a lot of electricity is produced.

4. Steam Power

Steam Power tips

Do you have a reliable source of wood near your home?

You can then use that to your advantage to create steam power.

The wood will act as your source of fuel, you can then boil water to create steam.

The steam can then be directed to a turbine. As long as it’s in high-pressure, the steam will rotate the turbine.

Attaching it to a generator will aid produce electricity.

Being a renewable source of energy, steam power can provide you with free electricity for the longest time possible.

5. Storage Batteries

Storage Batteries power

Similar to solar panels, storage batteries are popular for generating electricity for homeowners.

They are great especially if you are living off-grid. A while back, storage batteries would only light a bulb.

But thanks to technological advancements, there are advanced storage batteries that can produce enough electricity for lighting, cooking and much more.

Buying a storage battery will provide you with electricity for free as long as you use a natural element to power it up.

You can use the above sources that are wind, steam, water and solar.


The above are five ways on how to generate electricity at home for free.

This way, you will always have a steady source of electricity whether you live in an off-grid location.

The above methods are also economical in that the electricity will be free of charge.

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The only cost you will incur is the installation and purchase of the equipment that will aid in the generation of electricity.

But once you are done with that, you can forget about receiving electricity bills.

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