The Top generator brand names (Information tips)

 The Top generator brand names (Information tips)

Generators are great investments and equipment that are part of our daily lives. Other than performing basic jobs, they save the day in emergency situations.

Due to these reasons, people prefer well-established brands, because they are reliable, spare parts are easily available and they have clear warranties.

Today, there are a lot of generators out there. So, which manufacturers are trustworthy? Which brand is the best? which one is reliable?

The answer to these questions vary. some brands are good in certain aspects, while others score better in their designs.

This only makes difficult to compare manufacturers altogether. For one to have a better comparison, you will have to look at specific brands and models. Here are some of the top generator brand names.

Caterpillar (CAT) Generators

These generators are a subsidiary a the big heavy machinery player, known as Caterpillar. Their niche is mainly industrial and commercial sector. For this reason, the majority of their generators are not portable.

Being in the commercial sector, their customer support is extensive. Their experts are readily available to ensure businesses operate smoothly in case of a breakdown. These generators are specially designed for heavy-duty. They are expensive.

However, CAT also manufactures portable generators(the CAT RP Series whose watts range from 1800 watts to 12000 watts)

Honda generators

 The Top generator brand names

Brand reliability and recognition make customers feel comfortable and opt for it. This is what made Honda generators to penetrate the market.

Honda is famous for good quality cars and motorbikes, but they also manufacture electronics including generators. One of their top-rated models is the Honda EU2200i.

Honda portable generators are suitable for camping, parties, and races. For homes, it provides a reliable back up generators. Honda generators are well known for being silent and produce consistent output.


If the quality is your top concern and price is not a big issue. Then Hyundai is the brand to go for. On top of quality, Hyundai is a reliable player in the market.

Hyundai manufactures a wide range of generators. Different models, serve different purposes. some are ideal for home emergency, others a specially designed for heavy-duty business backups

one advantage of Hyundai is that they provide different types of fuel types, depending on the client’s interest i.e petrol, LPG, diesel, and even gasoline. If you come from an area where certain fuel is limited, then Hyundai is your brand.


 generator brand names

This is a Japanese brand. Ryobi manufactures a wide range of electronics and is well known for its powerful equipment.

They have a range of generators. This brand is versatile and is suitable for people who want any type of generator.


Other than Honda, this brand is famously known as a motor vehicle manufacturer. But they also produce interesting generator designs. its renown model is the EF2000iS, which has two handles to ease portability.

So, those are some of the generator brands you will see in most shops. Conduct extensive research before settling on a brand. Know its durability and fuel consumption. Don’t buy your generator based on the brand name alone.

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