A Generator Manual (Information Guide & Tips)

A Generator Manual is a very important element that comes with almost every generator.

There is so much information inside it that will help you to set up your generator and give you some safety tips.

When you buy a generator, you wish that it may end up lasting for a long time.

You must be wondering about how you can best manage your generator.

You should worry no more as this generator manual will be useful in giving you tips that will ensure your generators last longer.

Operating Generators While Distance away from House

A Generator Manual (Information)

Year in year out, people are dying after using their generators while very close to their houses.

You need to know that it is wrong running the generator while it is still in the garage, even in the case where you have opened the door.

You may find the process of taking the generator strenuous, but it is useful in the long run as it will ensure your generator lasts longer.

By moving the generator away from the House, you will also be protecting your family.

Allowing Generator to Cool Down Before Refilling

Fuel tanks used by generators are always on engine top with the aim of gravity-feeding petrol to E.F.I or carburetor.

The setup will end up turning into a disaster while spilling gasoline in the process of hot generator refueling.

A Generator Manual

Failure to take care of the refilling process of fuel tanks results in many generator fires all over the world.

Spilling, in most cases, occurs during the night when the activity is conducted in the absence of light. Pouring Safely

Many small generators are having splash lubrication systems containing crankshaft scooping oil and splashing to moving parts.

The system is known for working well more also while the system is on a ground that is leveled.

When the generator is on sloppy parts, some engine parts will not have access to oil, and it will slowly start wearing out.

This is something which is illustrating failure is catastrophic.

 Manual (Information Guide & Tips)

Therefore, you need to be careful in ensuring you are placing the generator on a leveled ground. In case your ground is not leveled, work hard on leveling it.

Keeping enough Filters and Motor oil on Hand

Generator Manual (Information Guide & Tips)

The main reason behind this is that the oil will be useful in helping you in the extended outage.

When the generator is new, you should consider changing its oil every 20 hours.

After that is done, there will be a necessity of dumping old stuff and refilling it every 50 hours.

For extended outages, you will succeed in running the generator for a long time before requiring an oil change.

As a result, ensure you make a stock up on the oil before the storm ends up hitting.


You now have the generator manual, which will assist in protecting your generator.

Therefore, next time, you need to put these ideas in mind while using your generator. Check the generator manual transfer switch here.

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