What is The Longest Running Portable Generator

Longest Running Portable Generator

The importance of electricity in most homes cannot be understated. They have become so essential that we dread a world without electricity.

However, in most places, there are periods where power blackouts are common. At this time you need to do what you were doing.

In the market, there are generators that could be used to complement electricity during the blackout periods.

There are two types of generators portable generators and standby generators.

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What differentiates the former from the latter is the fact that the latter will start automatically during a power blackout while the former needs to be restarted.

A standby generator will be more efficient for places where power blackouts are very common.

Longest Running Generator

Otherwise, you should opt for a portable generator. In this article, we will stick to portable generators.

There are so many factors that help to determine the best generator for your home.

But if one of your reasons was the longest running generators.

You are at the right place. Please read on. In this article, we will review three of the longest running portable generators in the market.

Top 6 things to consider when portable generator

First, we give the criteria that were used to determine the three best longest-running generators.

1. Price.

Generally, portable generators are expensive. However, there are generators that are a bargain. They are sold at a lower price but offer a quality service.

2. Size.

The size will influence the portability of the generator so most often a good generator should be lightweight but still offer a quality service.

3. Ease of use.

An easy to use generator should be easy to start and stop even for a person with less knowledge on how to use a generator. It should have a power off and on a button.

4. Running and starting watts

A generator with a higher running and starting watts could power on a lot of appliances as compares to the one with lower appliances.

You should note that generators especially portable generators are limited to the number of appliances it can power on.

This number of the appliance depends on the running watts and starting watts.

5. Noise.

Generators produce noise while powered on. This is why they are always put a distance away from your house.

But there are generators in which the noise is significantly low.

You wouldn’t like a generator that produces noise to an extent you have to shout to speak to one another.

6. Durability.

For every appliance, you buy you want to avoid coming back to buy a new one after a short period of time. Generators that are durable are generally preferred.

Below are the top portable generator with longest running time

1. Generac 6864 5000 running watts (The longest running portable generator with 32.4 hours run time)

Generac 6864 5000 running watts

Generac 6864 5000 running watts is a portable diesel powered generator. With technology called power can actually reduce the sound up to 5% and the operation becomes clean and efficient.

Pros of Generac 6864

• Equipped with a jam meter that can be tracked peiodically maintenance intervals.

• Easy start button with 1 touch

• Strong frame made of steel

• Save fuel

• A large enough fuel tank can fill 12 gallons of fuel, enough for 32.4 hours


• The unit has no idle control.

• Warranty is only 2 years


• 435cc Yanmar LW Series Air-Cooled Diesel Engine

• Electric Start with Recoil Backup (No Battery Required) 12V 35Ah Group U1

• A single touch that makes a start very easy

• Low Oil Death

• consider additional safety against engine damage

• Provides a run-time of up to 32.4 hours @ 1/2 load

• 120 / 240V Selector “Full Power” Switch

• 30A 120 / 240V (L14-30R) Lock-Lock Case

• borrow connections to manual transfer (MTS) switches

• Access the connection to the comfort cable / 4 “Welded Steel Tube Cradle & Integrated Eye Lift

• Clock Meters with Maintenance Reset

• Easily explore time

2. Honda EU3000iS, 2800 Running Watts/3000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered

Honda is a well-known brand for its commitment to build quality products to make people’s life easy.

Honda EU3000iS 2800 Running Watts 3000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable Inverter qualifies in that category.


Honda EU3000iS is powerful enough to run many big appliances at a time. Due to its advanced invert technology, much sensitive equipment can operate with ease. It is quiet and fuel-efficient.

The oil tank capacity is 3.4 gallons. It can run for 7.2 to 20 hours, depending on the load, on a full tank. It auto shuts off when oil is low in the tank. Oil tank capacity is only 18oz of 10W-30 synthetic or nonsynthetic oil.


It has no inline fuel filter. Its manual choking system sometimes malfunctions. It has no factory installed hour-meter. Another feature that lacks is the unavailability of connection for external batteries.

I recommend it to use for camping, RVs and small places.

3. Review of iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

We recently had an emergency in our house were all of our energy and electric was cut short, so we needed something to replace it and be used for backup.

I looked online and found Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 3700 Rated & 4500 Peak Watts and decided to give it a shot.

I need to say I am genuinely impressed by all the aspects of it like the watts and power it has.

It has over 4500 starting watt and I am also impressed at how quiet it is even though its really powerful.

It is also extremely fuel efficient, being able to run for 18 plus hours on a 3.4 gallon tank.

During the electric shortage, I’ve used the generator for quite a while and I can say I am extremely impressed and satisfied.

I still use it for outdoors and other purposes so this was definitely a good buy.

4. HONDA EM4000S Electric Start Generator

HONDA EM4000S Electric Start Generator

This product is designed with an open frame and an electric powered start generator, with 5,000 surge watts, 33.3/16.7 amps and 120/240 voltage.

It is also equipped with a circuit breaker, with an engine alternator. Its average run time would be at 1/2 load per hour.

Its engine size is 270cc, with an air cleaner foam, recoil starter and low oil for shut down.

Key Features of HONDA EM4000S

  • 270cc
  • Deluxe Series

Pros & Cons:

  • remote start kit available
  • powerful and reliable
  • has wheels
  • heavy and bulky
  • does not come with an hour meter

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking for a generator for your garden, lawn or patio, HONDA EM4000S Electric Start Generator may be the best one for you.

This product was rated with an average rating and users of this product are all fairly satisfied with its overall performance.

The only downside pointed out by its users are its heavy and bulky structure, as well as the fact that it does not come with an hour meter.

Below are 3 Additional Portable Generators that you may consider too

1. Westinghouse WH7500E

Westinghouse WH7500E

This is a gas-powered generator and is very easy to use.

It has an electric start which is used to power it on and off.

It has a massive amount of both starting and running watts.

Which are 9000 watts and 7000 watts respectively?

This is enough power to power most of the household appliances.

Its running time is the longest one which will take you to certainly admire this generator.

At 50% capacity, it can run for over 12 hours.

The other thing that you would note is that it’s made up of a tough durable frame which ensures its durability.

However, there is one disadvantage to this generator. It’s slightly heavier and thus not
very portable.

This could be attributed to the frame which adds some weight to it.

This disadvantage could be a slight worry for many people but you note that this is a device made to satisfy all the house demands.

2. Generac GP5500

Generac GP5500

This is a very lightweight generator as compared to the one mentioned above. Its running life is an average one.

At 50% its capacity it provides power for over 10 hours. Its watts is also admirable.

It has starting watts of 6800 and running watts of 5500. This is enough to power on most of the home devices.

On the part of durability, it’s made up of a steel frame. Steel is generally known to be a durable metal as it’s not prone to rust too often.

Also, it has a never-flat tire. This is advantageous as you can move it to places where the other tires are likely to get punctured.

It’s not a silent generator and produces a lot of noise when powering on.

This is a disadvantage that can make you not to buy it.

But you should not be put off by this. Its pricing is the best you can find on the market. In fact, it’s a bargain.

At Amazon, you can acquire it at a reasonable price which is about half of what portable generator of its value goes for.

3. Champion Power 75531i

Champion Power 75531i

This is the best portable generator for people who love camping. This is because of its being readily portable.

Its weight is around 84.5 pounds while it’s size still small. It’s fitted with handles and wheels which make it easier to move around.

While you are camping you require a lot of silence. Champion power 75531i won’t let you down.

It produces a low-level sound that would cause no distraction or irritation to you.

It has a running watt of 2800 which is more than efficient on your camping trip.

This can power on most of the appliances you have with you.

It cannot handle the heavy-duty things like refrigerators.

Its runtime is also a good one. It has a 1.6 fuel tank.

At a 25% capacity, it’s capable of running continuously for 8 hours.

This is enough to help you do anything until the lights are back.

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What is the longest-running portable generator?


From the ones, we have given you the answer is very obvious.

It’s the Westinghouse WH7500E with a running time of 12 hours at half the capacity, its unrivaled by the other three we have listed above.

But the other three get to the list because of other features.

For instance, the Generac GP5500 gets to the list because apart from it having a longer running time its price is really very admirable.

From it, you get the value of your money. The champion power 75531i is on our list because it’s the best longest running generator suited for camping.

generator tips

In this article, we not only provide a list of the best longest running generators but we have given you a guide of how to pick the best generator.

We tried to be as comprehensive to give you the knowledge needed in buying a generator.

By now you know that there are other factors that determine a good generator apart from its running time.

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