Best Portable Solar Generators Reviews (6 Cool Ones)

Finding the Best Portable Solar Generators on the market can be a little be overwhelmed with too many solar generators, but this article will narrow down your choice to four.

Below are the Five best solar portable generators to choose from

The Best Portable Solar Generator

The 200W Portable Power Station

200w Portable Power Station

The 200w Portable Power Station on Amazon comes in around a very affordable dollar amount. For a solar-powered generator, that is a very reasonable price in the budget range.

The power station has a lot of features that I liked over other solar generators.

Some of the features below I have already put to use and love, while others I have not yet gotten to try. However, I am sure that everything about this generator will not disappoint. You can power many of your small devices with it without any problems. These devices include laptops, cameras, lights, fans, cars appliances, drones, and more…

Features of 200W Portable Power

It has:

  • Multiple charging ports.
  • Powerful and long-lasting battery.
  • Quick Charge.
  • Only 4 pounds for easy portability.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Triple charging capabilities.
  • Flashlight
  • 12 months warranty and multiple protection features as overvoltage, overcurrent, and over-temperature that ensure the safety of you and your devices.


If you need a budget generator that is strong, durable, and long-lasting, consider the 200w portable power station.

It doesn’t matter if you want it at home in case of power outages or for long camping trips in the wilderness; this generator will be useful.

Like many people, I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a generator, and this one exceeded my expectations for the price. Check the current price on Amazon here.

The Kyng Power Generator

kyng power solar
Kyng Power Generator

The Kyng Power Solar Generator Portable Power Station on Amazon comes in at a reasonable price.

That is a good price for a portable solar generator and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

It comes with many features that appealed to me and I am sure it will appeal to many others who are looking for a good generator.

Features of Kyng Power Generator

It has:

  • It can be recharged through its solar panels, an outlet, or a car.
  • A built-in LED flashlight.
  • It comes with a free, 12-month warranty.
  • A convenient handle for easy transportation.
  • It has a massive battery which will keep it running for a long time.
  • Lightweight, only 13 pounds


Anyone looking for a well-priced, durable solar power generator should check this one out for themselves.

It is tough and I won’t have to worry when I bring it on my camping trips. Other generators have fallen apart after only a year, but I expect this one will last for a long time. Check the current price on Amazon here.

Soyond Portable Solar Generator

The second Portable Solar Generator on Amazon comes in at about a very affordable dollar amount. That is a good price for a budget solar generator, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

It has many features that I liked over other, more expensive solar generators, and I can’t wait to put it to more use.

There are many features listed below, and some I didn’t that will appeal to many people.

Features of Soyond Portable Solar

It has:

  • A built-in FM radio.
  • Three bright color options.
  • Solar and outlet charging capabilities.
  • Small and portable.
  • LED display.
  • Built-in a flashlight.
  • Also comes with a Solar panel kit.


Anyone looking for a budget and strong solar power generator purchase this one for themselves.

This generator will be useful for my camping and hiking trips. I can also see it being extremely helpful for charging electronics during power outages.

I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a generator, and this one proves you don’t have to in order to get a quality product. Check the current price on Amazon here.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400

Goal Zero Yeti 1400

One of the best portable solar generators on the market is the Goal Zero Yeti 1400.

On Amazon it comes in at about a reasonable price. I own this device and the price may seem high, but it is well worth the cost.

Features of the Goal Zero Yeti 1400.

It has:

  • The ability to charge up to 10 devices including laptops, phones, refrigerators, TVs, lights, and more.
  • Be controlled over WiFi with an app.
  • A massive battery to keep it running for a long time.
  • The ability to shut off ports
  • And more!

To sum up, the wide variety of devices it supports makes it more appealing than others offered.

The app used to control the Yeti 1400 is easy to download and become familiar with, which makes it simple to use.

Using the app you can turn it off and on, check the battery levels, turn ports off, and so much more.

I have never had a problem with this portable solar generator so far, and I don’t regret my purchase in the slightest.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a well-put-together solar generator. Don’t hesitate to buy it! Check out Best Portable Solar Generator on Amazon

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a compact all-in-one power station. It has a 396-watt-hour, 33Ah capacity.

That is enough power to charge a cellphone over 30 times or a laptop five times. It even has the power to run small appliances for several hours.

Its equipped with several different power outputs, such as USB, AC, and 12V.

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 allows you to plug in up to 7 devices simultaneously. It’s pure-sine wave inverter supplies clean power. It is just like plugging in your devices at home!

Where ever you may go, you can charge the Goal Zero Yeti 3 different ways. It can be charged in 5 hours from a wall outlet with the included AC charger, or in 13 hours with the available car charger, and as fast as 8 hours from Goal Zero’s environmentally friendly monocrystalline solar panels.

The Goal Zero Yeti also requires no gasoline so no toxic fumes are emitted, making it completely safe for use inside enclosed areas such as your house, tent, or car.

It is also quiet, unlike other generators, making it the perfect generator alternative. While the solar panels and 12V charger are sold separately, this generator still gives you plenty of bang for your buck!


The GOAL ZERO YETI 1500X PORTABLE POWER STATION is something to buy. New customers will also want to get familiar with the brand name maker.

That brand is highly respected because of the top products which they offer. The products are sold because customers are intrigued by the design. The modern features make it possible to power a lot of electronics.

The power source is stable and will work for quite a long time for people too.

They can trust the GOAL ZERO YETI 1500X PORTABLE POWER STATION to deliver impeccable power sources.

Multiple connections are made available to the new user. Trust the brand and see how durable the design really will be for people.

The reviews for the GOAL ZERO YETI 1500X PORTABLE POWER STATION are available. People write in to talk about the GOAL ZERO YETI 1500X PORTABLE POWER STATION.

They are proud to own the device and want to support the brand name maker. People have waited quite a while for the latest tech to come from the company.

Users say that they can tackle any upcoming project with great ease. The projects can move forward thanks to the availability of the core products.

Their catalog is ready for any new customer that wants to buy gear. The new reviews are sure to win over support for a lot of reasons.

Write new reviews and help the brand succeed in the open market.

The cost of the GOAL ZERO YETI 1500X PORTABLE POWER STATION item is important. People often have a fixed budget with which they can buy items.

They don’t want to go over budget but don’t want to miss out on deals. The shipping and handling fees can process the order quickly for new buyers. Check out the current price on Amazon here.

Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station GOAL ZERO Review

The Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station GOAL ZERO is exactly what people buy.

That option could also be important and might sway opinions in the future. The Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station GOAL ZERO is well worth it. Experience a great source of power and a reliable unit as well.

That has got people talking, and the model is in high demand. The maker has backed the unit with a warranty of service. They will buy back the unit if it doesn’t perform up to expectations.

That should convince anyone to give it a buy-in time. Buy the model and remain confident in it over time.

The reviews for the model could sway some undecided buyers. The Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station GOAL ZERO is a great option.

It can deliver high-grade power to tools at a construction site. Or it could be used at remote locations for camping or other expeditions.

The Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station GOAL ZERO is a big seller on the market. People appreciate the model based on the initial reviews it has achieved.

The customers clearly state that the model is their top choice for generator models. Then new customers can write new reviews of their own for the model.

That expresses gratitude and other appreciative feelings for the brand. The company will be glad to get some feedback on their new model.

The price tag is listed, and it should be reasonable for customers. They can expect good deals on the Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station GOAL ZERO.

It is priced to sell, and sometimes the brand has special sales events. Buy online and pay for the added shipping fees for the order. Those shipping fees will get a package shipped in short order.

Pros and Cons of a Portable Power Station


A portable power station has many different purposes and can be used in different situations.

They can be used on family camping trips or as a backup generator for when the power cuts off in your home.

A portable power station has an AC outlet, DC carport, and USB charging ports. It can keep most modern-day technology and utilities fully charged, whether it’s your smartphone or laptop or fans and electric blankets on those camping trips.

In situations when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, a portable power station can come in handy, but there are pros and cons to owning a portable power station:




Regarding battery-powered portable power stations, no carbon monoxide gas tends to be created by engines in a gas-powered station.

This means a portable power station is nowhere near as dangerous, and you won’t be inhaling any toxic fumes.


There are different portable power stations, but whether you get a battery-powered or solar-powered one, they are all very quiet; there is no buzzing or any other kind of harsh noise.


Now, any good portable power station is no bigger than a drinks cooler, meaning it is easy to move around and store in the trunk of your car, especially as they tend to be light too, rarely being heavier than 30 pounds.


With a portable power station being powered by lithium batteries, it is easy to recharge them with very little effort, such as at home on a wall plug or even using a car charger.

Owning a portable power station requires very little effort, thanks to their ability to be easily recharged and not requiring a filter, unlike gas-powered generators. Get one of the best portable solar generators for your electricity need to help us save our planet.



Pros and Cons of a Portable Power Station

Though the great thing about a modern-day portable power station is that it can be recharged, it comes with a ut’.

Some portable power stations on the market can take more than eight hours to charge, which isn’t ideal in an emergency, such as if the power goes out on your street.


Unfortunately, if you’re camping in a terrain with high temperatures or the generator is stored in a heated room, the portable power station will not perform as well as it should.

To avoid these issues, storing the portable power station in a cool area with minimal sunlight is important.


Specifically for a solar portable power station, energy from the sun isn’t available around the clock.

Pros and Cons of a Portable Power Station

The sun’s presence is unpredictable and you can’t always rely on the portable power station to collect the sun’s energy on those cloudier and rainier days.

A solar portable power station is not recommended if you live in a non-tropical climate. Check this Jackery Portable Power Station on Amazon here.


Because a portable power station is so handy, compact, easy to move around, and rechargeable, the best in the industry can set you back quite a bit.

The best portable power station can cost up to $3,500, and the cheapest with the widest dimensions, the heaviest weight, and take the longest to recharge can still cost a few hundred dollars.

With that said, even the cheapest portable power station will keep all of your appliances running in the event of an emergency, and it may save you money in the long run too.


Though a portable power station does not cause the toxic fumes that a gas-powered generator would, a battery-powered portable power station still has safety issues, though they may be rare.

Lithium batteries have been known to catch fire infrequently, but many brands have taken precautions to overcome such things from happening.

You can get a small portable power station from $50 and up.

I hope you find one of the best portable solar generators that fits your needs.

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