Propane Generator Problems and Solutions

Propane generator problems and solutions Overview

Propane generators are a popular electricity backup for many businesses and homes.

In this article, we discuss the various problems people face when operating on the propane generator and the possible solution to them.

Troubleshoot propane generator and solution

Fuse blowing. This is a common problem, it occurs when the devices connected to the generator draw more power than the generator is providing leading to short. If your fuse blows, you need to replace it and ensure it can serve more load than the previous one.

Propane generator problems and solutions

Function fail. This is mainly caused by high temperatures. Have a closer look at the temperature level as it stops running and notes it is not over 200 degrees. if it is then it has a problem. Check the coolant levels and refill them to curb the overheating aspect.

Oil level and air vent clogging. Air vent can be frequently checking if there is dirt, leaves that block the air vents. One should check its oil level and change the oil after several months.

Improper use. Most of the problems encountered when using a generator come from misuse.

For this reason, it is good to read carefully your manual and set the generator correctly.

Every connection should be done keenly. Also, ensure the empty tank is full and there no leaking. When troubleshooting ensures the generator is off.

How to prime a propane generator

Servicing your generator can increase the performance of a propane generator by scheduling a maintenance routine plan . This ensures that any problem noticed will be handled.

You can also carry out preventive care to the generator this includes evaluating the switchgear and other controls making sure they are in good condition.

You can also do a test to a generator to examine the current condition of the generator and take action where necessary.

The propane generator won’t stay running.

One o the reason that makes your generator from running continuously is clogging of the carburetor or bad fuel. Bad oil can stick on the jets to the carburetor making the engine to stop running.

The solution is thoroughly cleaning the carburetor with the appropriate cleaners. If it does not work, consider replacing the carburetor.

Another reason why the generator will not stay running is the lowering of the oil levels.

As the oil cap clog, there will be no air supply to the tank which creates a vacuum preventing the flow of oil to carburetor hence stopping the engine.

Try loosening the cap to remove clogging. you can also replace it for better flow.

How does a propane generator work

Electricity is derived from generators too. Generators can burn the available propane to produce some power.

A propane generator is capable of producing high watt electricity at a go.

The propane generator is a device that is mechanically designed to provide the intended amount of heat.

From the combustion of propane, the motorized power is then converted into electric power or energy.

How is propane converted into electric energy?

Propane is a hydrocarbon. It is a highly flammable gas with high content energy production power.

When using the propane generator, the propane gas is burnt, therefore producing heat and a lot of energy.

During this process, there is the presence of ammonia gas and water inside the generator.

During the procedure, high amounts of heat are produced that increases the temperatures of the mixture of water and propane gases.

The mixture is then brought into the burning point and therefore creating ammonia gas. It is after this process that the gas-ammonia flows from the propane generator.

There are portable propane generators that provide electricity for a short period.

Their electricity power strength is shortlived after a few hours and gets exhausted. Standby generators are relatively larger than portable generators.

The Standby generators can provide electricity powers for an extended period than portable generators.

Their power strength usually lasts for some days. Standby propane generators are kept underground in the storage tanks and, therefore, able to produce quite large amounts of electricity.

There also exist automatic and manual propane generators. Most portable generators require to be manually switched on and off. Some standby models also behave this way.

Many propane generators have an automatic switch that triggers itself hence requiring no much attention.

When buying these types of generators, it is good to select the best that will suit all your needs at your home.

Propane Generator Hard To Start

Propane generators come in handy in situations where there are power loss and extreme weather conditions.

It can be very frustrating when your propane generator fails to start during an emergency.

Here are some of Generac RV propane generator troubleshooting tips you should consider

1. Confirm the fuel level

Some generators will not start at all if the fuel tank is almost empty. To solve this, you need to regularly check if the fuel level is optimal

2. Check the spark plug

Spark plugs can wear out even if they visibly look fine. If it looks dirty, use carb cleaner to clean the plug and spray the cylinder.

3. Check the Air Filter

The generator requires airflow to start and run. If you find out that the air filter is clogged, you can try cleaning it.

However, despite all your troubleshooting efforts, the generator may just fail to start.

best Propane generator

In this situation, the only option you have is to call for a mechanic. If you still have a warranty, it is crucial to go with a certified technician from Generac. Read about best propane generator here.

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