Home Generator Sizing Calculator

What size of generator do you need at your home?

This is an important question that you need to know the answer when purchasing a backup generator for your home.

By knowing the answer of this question will allow you to get the right generator for home.

You will no longer worry about power outages too much in future.

Generator sizing calculator is here to help you to find rhe right wattage for your house.

generator wattage calculator (amusement)

A home generator sizing calculator is a very useful tool that permit us to buy the right size of generator that is capable to support all appliances

Easy Steps for the right site’s generator

Step 1: Collect power information for all your appliances

In this step, you just need to find out power requirement ( starting and running power) for all your appliances.

Step 2: convert all power information to Watts

The second step is to convert all power information into watts for a standard measure.

Note: This step is only required if your appliances power are not already in watts.

Step 3: Find out, numbers of appliances you will be running at a time.

Add all your appliances’ wattage together to get the power that you need for house.

Tips: You can buy a generator that power is higher than what you need.

This can save you money if you buy a new appliance.

Our electrical needs may include:

generator wattage calculator (labor)

• Major kitchen appliances

• Entertainment

• Personal grooming appliances


• Laundry and cleaning

A home generator sizing calculator is an important free tool that you can use to know your total power needs in times of outage.

How To Size Generators

sizing generators

The size of the generator to use should be a primary consideration.

If you oversize your generator, you might end up damaging your systems or wasting a lot of resources.

On the other hand, under-sizing your generator may lead to inefficient and unreliable power to your equipment.

Here is a guide on how to size your generator

1. Calculate the total size of the load

You can do this by getting the total wattage of your equipment from the nameplate or manufacturer’s guide.

Sum up the total wattage of all your equipment and get the minimum electrical power needed from your generator.

2. Convert kW to Kva

The total wattage calculated in the above step will be in Kilowatts.

Since generators are rated in Kva, then you need o to convert the required wattage into Kva.

3. Define your running needs

Understand if your generator will be used as a primary power source or for emergencies.

Also, there are generators that you cannot operate for long time.

You need a generator with a bigger capacity if it is your primary source of power.

4. Access and conditions of the site

Consider the size and location of the site you want the generator to run.

If the access path to the site is narrow, then you need a smaller generator since some generators may not get on and off the site.

generator wattage calculator (properly)

Choosing the right size generator is an easy task whenever you understand what you need.

If you have any challenges, you can always consult a professional.

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