ton to Btu (Information Tips)

Ton to Btu Overview

A ton is a unit of power and is defined as the power required to freeze or melt 2000 pounds of ice per day. Ton to Btu will guide you through this calculation,

Currently, a ton is mostly used in North America within the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and it is usually displayed together with Btu/h specifications.

The British Thermal Unit/Hour (Btu/h) is a customary system unit of power in the US. It is defined as the amount of heat needed to increase 1pound of water by 1� F

ton to Btu (Information Tips)

How Many BTUs is 4 Tons?

There are 48 000 BTU/h in 4 tons.

When we talk about air conditioning, we are thinking of the modern air conditioner. But before that, people used to cool their buildings with ice harvested from lakes and rivers.

According to a Green Homes America article, the 1890 Hudson River ice crop was 4 million tons, or a little less than four tons of BTUs per hour. That is the same amount of cooling capacity as a four-ton air conditioner today.

Btu to tons heating

Heating units are not computed in tons as Alternative Current (AC) units are. Heating capacity is denoted in 1000’s of Btu output per hour. For AC, 12,000 Btu/h = 1 ton.

Ton to btu formula

Here is how to convert refrigeration tons to Btu/h. The ton to btu formula is:

1 ton = 12,000 btu/h

1 Btu/h = 8.3333 × 10-5 refrigeration tons (RT)

So, the power (P) in Btu/h is equivalent to 12,000 times the power in refrigeration tons

Therefore, P(Btu/h) = 1200 × P(RT)


Convert 3 RT to Btu/h

P(Btu/h) = 1200 × 2(RT) = 36000 Btu/h

Btu to ton air conditioner

To do this conversion, calculate the Btu capacity of your air conditioner, and divide the value by 12,000. 12,000 Btus are equal to the amount of heat dispensed by an air conditioner capable of melting a ton of ice in a day, which is known as a refrigeration ton.

To find the BTU capacity, look at the packaging or tag of the air conditioner.

The value is expressed in thousands, such as 20,000 BTU or 5,000 BTU. Then, divide the BTU rating with 12,000 to get the refrigeration ton capacity.

The solution can also be a fraction. For instance, a 5,000 BTU air conditioner equals 5/12 tons of cooling capacity.

How Many Tons is 24,000 BTU

When you are planning to buy air conditioners, you may encounter the term “BTU”. What exactly does it mean?

Why is it mentioned in both the product description and name? It must be important, but it’s not clear specifically why.

Let’s find out why it matters in this article.

What does BTU stand for?

The acronym BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. This unit is used to measure heat or thermal energy.

To be more precise, it is the amount of energy required to raise 1 pound of water to 1 degree Fahrenheit at sea level.

Concerning air conditioners, this measurement determines the efficiency of how quickly the devices can do its job.

It is measured by calculating the air conditioner’s BTU per hour.

Refrigeration Ton (TR)

A ton of refrigeration or TR is considered a unit of power. It is defined as the power needed to freeze or melt 2000 pounds, which is also known as one short ton of ice, per day.

Where is this measurement used?

The ton of refrigeration is widely used in the North America region, especially when it comes to the context of air conditioning equipment and refrigeration.

The unit is often shown alongside BTU per hour specifications.

Converting BTU to Tons

A ton is a mass-related unit. A ton of refrigeration is estimated to be around 12,000 BTU per hour or 3.5 kilowatt-hours. Let’s try converting some example measurements.

36,000 BTU to Tons

36,000 BTU/h is equal 3 refrigeration tons (RT)

18,000 BTU to Tons

18,000 BTU/h is equal 1.5 refrigeration tons (RT)

10,000 BTU to Tons

10,000 BTU/h is equal 0.83333333333 refrigeration tons (RT)

Those are some demonstrations on converting British Thermal Units to Refrigeration Tons.

ton to Btu (Information Tips) fast

An air conditioner’s BTU should be considered when deciding on which specific unit to buy since it determines how efficient the device performs.


The cooling capacity of your air conditioner is determined by the tonnage and the amount of Btu.

So, these units are very crucial in determining the type of air conditioner you should have depending on the size of your house.

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