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Are you wondering how to convert tons to kilowatts? Well, before that, you may need to know the number of tons that make a kilowatt. Let’s start there.

What is a ton?

The ton, or simply the ton of refrigeration, is a just but one of the units of power. It is the amount of power required to freeze or melt a short ton(2000 pounds) of ice in a day.

The ton is mostly used in the context of air conditioning and refrigeration, and such equipment.

On the other hand, a kw is the SI unit of power. This unit is used worldwide to express power output from machines, electric motors, heaters, engines, and other electric tools.

Now, on to how to convert refrigeration ton to kw. Read on.

Ton to kw Formula

From the ton to kw conversion table, 1 ton is equal to 3.5168528421 power kw.

If you are looking to convert kw to tons, then it’s important to use 1 kw as an equal to 0.2843451361 refrigeration ton.

For example: let’s convert 10 ton to kw:

10 refrigeration ton= 10 x 3.5168528421 kw, which gives us the answer as 35.168528421 kw.

1 Ton to kw Calculator

As you have just realized, converting tons(refrigeration) to kw is as easy as that. When you search the formula and conversion tables on your browser, you will find simplified results, so you just have to enter the number of tons you need to convert before hitting the “convert” button.

For example,

Convert 1.5 ton to kw

Since 1 ton is the same as 3.5168525 kw and 1 kw is the same as 0.28434517 ton (RT), the power in kw is the same as the power in tons (refrigeration) x 3.5168525.


Convert 1.5 refrigeration tons to kw:

1 ton= 3.5168525

1.5 ton= ?

Therefore, 1.5 ton x 3.5168525= 5.27527875 kw. Simple!

Now you are in the know about the conversion, which means that it’s pretty easy to come up with an answer to whatever conversion you want.

With the availability of plenty of tools all over the internet, it’s just a matter of plug and chug, and you have the correct answer!

What is a ton of refrigeration?

While we usually use the physical unit ton to measure mass, we sometimes tend to forget that there is actually one other type of ton that serves for measuring power which is called a “ton of refrigeration”.

How many kW is in a ton?

The ton of refrigeration is used in the appliances industry in order to ease the process of using non-standardized measurement units for the comparison of different products.

How to Convert ton to Kw (Easily)

Usually, in order to effectively see just how much energy we use on a daily basis, we need to convert the tons of refrigeration which are shown on our appliances into kW.

Simply said, a ton equals 3,5168525 kW, not all devices use only 1 ton AC’s so we need to see how the conversion of tons of refrigeration to kW actually occurs.

1 ton to kW converter

A ton of refrigeration is a unit which as we already mentioned is specifically designed for the convenience of the customer.

It does not represent a new physical value, so its conversion to kW’s happens directly through a formula.

Depending on whether you want to convert tons to kW or kW to tons you can either use one of the following formulas:

1 RT (ton) = 3,5168525 kW (if you want to convert more than one ton, simply multiply the kW value with the number of refrigeration tons)

1 kW = 0.28434517 RT (ton)

How Many kW Is a Four Ton AC?

There are 14.06741 kw in 4 ton AC.

The answer to the question, “How many kW is a four ton air conditioner,” is a bit complicated. While it really depends on the make and model of the unit, and how often it runs, it is safe to estimate that a 4 ton air conditioner will require approximately 14,000 Watts. KW is the unit that measures cooling capacity and is derived from the wattage of an incandescent light bulb.

How Many kW is a Three Ton AC Unit?

There are 10.5505575 kw in 3 ton AC.

In the United States, a three-ton air conditioner moves about 36, 000 BTUs per hour. It can cool up to 1 800 square feet. The three-ton air conditioning system is available in the southern states, but it is also available in the Midwest and northeast. The cooling capacity of a three-ton unit is approximately 3500 watts per hour.

Convert cooling kW to electrical kW

When we use appliances to cool our home, not all of the energy transfers from electricity to actual energy.

To be more precise, most of it goes to waste and only around 284.33 Watts from the 1 kW actually does the work.

So if we want to convert cooling kW to electrical kW we can do that through this formula – 1 cooling kW equals 0,284.33 electrical kW.


We must make a difference between the various applications of the measurement ton.

When we talk about energy, we use the ton of refrigeration which is used to make our lives easier by not having to deal with non-specific energy measurement units like kW.

But when we need to actually convert from tons of refrigeration to kW, we can easily use the above-mentioned formula and do that effortlessly!

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