How to convert ton to watts? (Information)

ton to watts Overview

Tons are a specific unit for measuring the extraction of refrigerators, which is used mainly in North America and some other countries around the world. How to convert ton to watts? will show how to do this job easily.

They are particularly implemented in modern refrigeration characteristics in order to ease the measurement system and make it effortless to compare the power of different refrigeration machinery.

How to convert ton to watts

In this article, we will review how to convert ton to watts and explain in what kind of situations we might need to

1.5 ton to watts

One of the main applications of tons is in air conditioning. Most of us who have air conditioners know that there are two kinds of AC electricity consumption types – Split AC and Window AC.

Depending on which one is your model using, you can convert ton to watts in two different ways if you want to measure used electricity properly.

In Split AC, the 1.5-ton model will equal to 1709 watts of electricity used per hour while in window AC it will equal to 1745 watts per hour.

If we are talking about 1.5 ton only as a unit measurement, it equals 5275 watts exactly.

Ton to watts conversion formula

As tons are a unit that has been implemented in modern refrigeration in order to ease the calculation of power a refrigeration unit has, it is defined by a particular conversion rate to watts.

Shortly said, 1 ton is equal to 3516.8528420667 W (watts) or 1 W (watt) = 0.004265177 ton.

Depending on the way you need to use these units, both formulas could be applied.

1-ton AC Watt Calculator

Nothing significantly improves the quality of indoor air like an air conditioner.

It will be important for you to ask yourself how many units a 1ton AC might consume in a given time frame, how a 1-ton ac watt calculator works and the size of the room that will befit a 1ton AC.

To understand how AC consumption is calculated; therefore, you will calculate the power (in kilowatts) X time (in hours) to get the total units.

1-ton ac watt consumption

Every AC consists of two units; indoor unit (Evaporator) and the outdoor unit (compressor).

The cooling capacity of 1ton equals 3.517 kW of power and 3504 watts make up a 1 ton AC.

If your room is below 100sq ft, a 0.8 or a 1 ton AC will be best for you though the 1 ton AC will best suit a room whose sq ft is 100-200.

Whereas a 1.5 tonne AC uses 1.5 units in an hour, an inverter AC will use 0.91 units in the same duration.

1.5 ton convert to watts

Different AC types and their various models consume power differently.

A 1.5 ton Split AC will consume 1709 watts per hour and a 1.5-ton Window AC will consume 1745 watts in an hour. 1ton is equivalent to 3576.85 watts. Therefore

If 1 ton = 3516.8528420667 W

1.5 ton = 5275.27926310005 W

Apart from keeping the AC’s compressor clean, fixing leaky ducts and changing filters, it is essential to know how an air con works.

You should know the size of your room in square feet and the AC model, depending on your consumption leverage.

How to convert ton to watts info

Do not be surprised at how your power consumption skyrockets; instead, you can do the calculations and know the comfortable temperature of your room to help save money.

Set your conditioner well to avoid unnecessary electricity bills.


Ton is a measurement that has established itself in the refrigeration industry throughout the years and has steadily replaced watts in terms of efficiency.

What we need to understand is though, that when we want to convert it to W for practical purposes, we must do so strictly following the formula or we will not get the right results.

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