Best Tri Fuel Generator (Buyer’s Guide)

Having a tri-fuel generator can save you lots of frustration, time and money. Depending on a generator that only uses one source of power may be a limitation when the exact source of energy it uses is limited.

Best Tri Fuel Generator (Buyer's Guide)

Tri-fuel generator serves you well since it is able to run either on propane, gasoline or natural gas.

With it, you can enjoy the power supply to your home even when there is an electricity shortage.

The great issue is however in the choice of a tri-fuel generator to buy. Here is an honest review of the top tri-fuel generators you can opt for.

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Wanco WGCT7500

This is one of the top tri-engine generators. It operates majorly at 7,000 watts when running continually on gasoline or propane.

The good thing about it is that it does not use much power when it is being changed to use natural gas. Even with natural gas, it can still produce 6500 watts.

Additionally, it has a low oil shut system with an automatic voltage regulator feature.

This means that the generator can maintain an output of 120 Voltage for a long time hence helping the user to run several home appliances like refrigerators and other equipment at the same time.

The package when buying this generator is quite encouraging. It comes with the wheel kit, a fuel choice regulation system and a battery.

With such a package, it means that you will not have to strain much in buying different things from different dealers so that you assemble them together to make your generator operate well.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • All accessories under one package
  • Has an automatic voltage regulation system


  • It is relatively expensive.

Kohler PRO90ETF

Kohler PRO90ETF is almost having the same features as the Wanco WGCT7500. It, however, produces more watt, 9,000-watts on average when running on propane or gasoline.

However, ass the generator continues to operate, the watt drops significantly.

It may go as low as 7,200 watts on propane and gasoline and even far much lower when on natural gas to about 6,700 watts.

This means that when planning for the electric apparatus which you want to run using the generator, you might have to plan for a relatively lower voltage usage or else the generator will shut down due to the overload.

This generator also comes with an automatic voltage regulation system.

This means that you do not need to be worried about the safety of your electric gadgets. The regulation system will always keep its fuse from melting.

Without such a system, you can never be sure of the safety of any electronic device you connect to the power supplied by the generator.

You don’t deserve a loss in the name of searching for an alternative for power supply.


  • It has an automatic voltage regulation system
  • Comes with a battery
  • Has a 9,000-watt surge output
  • Has a three-year warranty


  • It has a huge voltage drop on a continuous usage basis.

Sportsman GENTRI9K

This tri-fuel generator is meant for those who do not want to spend much money on the generator.

It is very portable and so apart from having it for your home or office use alone; you can make it available for hire hence attracting more cash for you. In terms of wattage, it can provide up to 9,000-watt surgeon gasoline and 7,200 watts on continuous power emission.

One outstanding feature of this generator is its capacity to hold fuel. It has a 7.4-gallon tank.

Once you fill this tank, you can run your electronics for at least ten hours before you fill it. In a way, this gives you some peace of mind.

It operates on one of the best engines which has a low oil shut off for its protection.


  • Light in weight hence portable
  • High capacity fuel tank
  • Low oil shut the system
  • 9000-watt surge power


  • Does not come with its battery
  • Does not have an automatic voltage regulator system

Wanco WGCT5300

Talking about the wattage, one may feel discouraged that this is not the best option for them.

Well, it is true that the wattage is very low and so it may not run heavy machinery at a go. Probably you might have to limit the load so that it works favorably.

It offers 5,300 watts of surge power and 4,800 of continuous power.

However, this low wattage is boosted by several outlets which give you a chance to run several devices at the same time as long as the power consumption of your devices is not high.

The engine of this generator is also relatively smaller, about 9.5 horsepower.

The engine is fitted with a low oil shutoff feature which guarantees you the safety of your electronics.


  • Has an automatic voltage regulator system
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It comes with a three-year warranty


  • Does not have a regulator for using propane or natural gas
  • Low power output
  • Does not come with its battery

Wanco HPS9000VE/E

This tri-fuel generator is majorly for providing power majorly for compact bodies. It has a nice power surge of 9,000-watts and 8,000 watts of continuous power of gasoline.

This means that it can run several electronics at the same time. Its engine is also very powerful with a 16 horsepower engine.

With such an engine, it can run for about five hours when fully loaded or even seven houses when half loaded.

The generator also has an automatic voltage regulator system. This helps the user to mount several devices on the generator without the worry about the safety of the gadgets.

In case of any unpredictable change in the power supply, the system will regulate the voltage so that the devices cannot be burnt.

The only probable loss would the fuse of the generator which melts to prevent further transfer of the voltage.


  • A high surge of power of 9,000 watts and 8,000 watts of continuous power
  • Has an automatic voltage regulator system
  • Appears in a compact mode


  • Heavy in weight hence not easily portable
  • Does not come with a wheel kit for its movement
  • Relatively expensive
  • Has only one twist-lock outlet



To sum up, a tri-fuel generator is among the best generator that you can get.

It all depends on your needs. Learn more about this topic here.

Hopefully, you learn more about this type of generator and find one that fits in your needs.

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