What Kind of Gas does a Generator Use

The best gas to be used by your generator

what kind of gas does a generator use?

A generator is an electrical device designed to change mechanical or chemical energy to electricity.

A generator mostly uses mechanical energy brought about by motors, turbines, engines or even cranks.

Generators are designed, to use a specific type of gas that is appropriate for its operation and as per manufacturer’s specifications. The type of gas to be used depends on the model and type of your generator.

The following are the different generators with their gas types.

Bi/Dual Fuel Generators

Bi dual generators are designed to use more than one type of gas, available on the market. They provide a good solution to fuel availability problems.

They are also designed to give options when you need to clean the tanks or when you prefer to do the clean-burning of propane.

They are readily available with a guaranteed possibility of switching between propane and gasoline.

Propane Generators

What kind of gas does a generator use

Another type of gas used by generators is propane or commonly called liquid petroleum gas. The generator is designed with a separate tank for the gas storage.

One advantage of propane is that it does not reduce in volume while in storage tanks. This enables it to be stored for a very long time, hence the best option for people who don’t use their generators frequently.

On the contrary propane gas, is less efficient when compared to gasoline or diesel given that it can only produce 91,300 BTUs per gallon.

Gasoline Generators

Gasoline generators are the best option for home usage and also back-up services. They are relatively cheap as compared to other types and their fuels are readily available.

On the other hand, these generators have a high fuel consumption rate making them uneconomical. They also require constant maintenance. They also need keenness when it comes to storage because they are highly flammable.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are known to be more efficient with less maintenance cost as compared to the other models. Diesel is highly recommended because of its ability, to produce a high horsepower per gallon.

It is also more secure when it comes to its storage, because they are not highly flammable. Besides having a long shelf life, diesel also more efficient producing 138,700 BTUs per gallon, higher than any other fuels.

E85 Engines

These are modern generators that have been manufactured differently from the normal generators. They use a specific type of gas called the E85 gas that is manufactured by combining 85% ethanol with 15% gasoline.

Effects of Octane Gas in a Generator

Octane rating is the average measure of the performance of a generator. The higher the octane number, the more the compression that your fuel can withstand before being ignited.

Gasoline generators do well with a high octane rating, because of its high compression ratios. On the other hand, diesel generators do well with a lower octane rating, due to its low compression abilities.

Continuous use of gasoline with lower octane numbers, can easily lead to problems related to engine stroking.

Best Ethanol Free Gas for a Generator

The best ethanol-free gas is E85 and gasoline. They contain at list 0% to 10%. E85 is a very good alternative that is made by combining 85% of ethanol with 15% gasoline. You should also be aware that not all generators are designed to run on the E85.

Usage of Premium Gas in Generators.

Premium gas comes with advantages and disadvantages, depending on the kind of generator you are using, and the manufacturer’s advice on gas usage.

Generators that need gas with a high octane number are the best to use premium gas. Applying premium gas on small Generators can easily lead difficulties in ignition and eventual damage to the Generator.

Effects of Octane on Onan Generators

Onan generators are designed to use strictly gasoline and LPG in running its operations. This is because of the corrected octane ratings in these gases that make them portable with the generators.

Use of Marine Gas in Generators

Marine generators are a different variety of generators used by water vessels such. They also use different types of fuels just like the normal generators, to produce electricity.

Marine gas contains high levels of sulfur contents; hence they are not advisable to be used in your normal generators, not unless proven otherwise by the manufacturers.

Availability of Ethanol Free Gas

Ethanol-free gas can easily be purchased from your nearest gas stations.

They are mostly indicted by writings on the fuel pumps. And if not, you can ask the station attendants, who will guide you.

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