What will Run on a 10 000 watt Generator?

What will run on a 10 000 watt generator?

A 10 000 watt Generator will run 1 refrigerator or freezer (energy star), 1 microwave oven, 5 incandescent lights, 1 television, 1 coffee maker, 1 radio, 1 air conditioner, 1 computer, 1 monitor (LCD style), 1 printer, and 1 DVD player.

What will Run on a 10 000 Watt Generator?

Note information: Remember this is just one combination of appliances. You can have a different combination of items in your house, but the most important thing is that your appliances’ total wattage does not exceed 10 000 watts. Maybe you only have one air conditioner or another appliance that I did not mention in my list. The easiest thing to do is to use a wattage calculator. Calculate the wattage that you need here.

Can 10000 watts power a house?

Yes, 10,000 watts is enough power to power most houses. It can run a number of household appliances, and some other items- even at the same time. If the total of appliances is less than 10 000 watts, it should be able to power your house. Otherwise, you may need a bigger wattage for your house.

Will a 10000 watt generator run central air?

Yes, a 10 000 watt generator run central air is enough to power to power an AC (Central) 24 000 BTU. If your Central Air is more than that, you may need to buy a higher capacity generator.

Below is a wattage chart for AC Unit

AC (Window) – 10,000 BTU1500 Watts 2200 Watts
AC (Central) – 10,000 BTU2200 Watts4500 Watts
AC (Central) – 24,000 BTU3800 Watts 8750 Watts

Here’s a breakdown:


  • Refrigerator and freezer– A fridge/freezer combo averages around 700 watts to run. If you lose power, this is one of the most important appliances to run on your generator, so your foods don’t spoil.
  • Microwave– Microwave oven wattage varies, up to about 1000 watts, This still leaves you with the option of running other items at the same time.
  • Coffee maker– Because who can really survive without it? To brew a pot, you need about 1000 watts of power.
  • Dishwasher– When using the hot dry setting, a dishwasher uses 1500 watts during a wash and dry cycle. Check out best 10 000 watt generator on Amazon
What will run on a 10 000 watt generator?

Additional Items

  • Window AC– Depending on the model, window air conditioner units can use between 1200 and 3250 watts. Though, you probably want to have one of these on hand during the summer months.
  • Gaming console- Luckily, it only takes about 40 watts, to run most systems. So, you’ll still have options for entertainment during a power outage.
  • TV- Speaking of entertainment, the average power needed for a TV is about 500 watts.
  • Computer- Still need a running PC to work? No problem! it only takes about 800 watts to run it, AND the monitor.
  • Lights- So most light bulbs tell you their wattage, just be sure to be wise and energy-efficient when running lights on the generator.

It wouldn’t be recommended to run a washing machine and a dryer while running other appliances.

What will run on a 10 000 watt generator?

The dryer itself takes about 5400 watts of power to dry a load of laundry.

Play Appliances Chart

Play Appliances Chart

Home Appliances Chart

Home Appliances Chart

Work Appliances Chart

Will a 10kw generator run a house?

Generators are used for backup purposes in case of a power outage. There are different types of generators built to serve other purposes. For that reason, there are specific generators built to run a home.

Home generators have specific watts that suit the best home appliances. Here is the best 10kw watt generator best suited to run a house.
A Westinghouse wGen9500Df generator is the best 10kw watt generator for home purposes.

It can run all household appliances like freezers, washing machines, fridges, ironing, among others. In case of any emergency power outage, the 10kw watt generator is the best to use.

It can operate for 12 hours with remote and electric start. The 10k watt generator uses dual-fuel such that it can switch from gas to propane. It has well-built wheels that make it portable.
1 amp is equal to 120 watts; hence a 10000watts generator is similar to 8.33 amps. This makes the generator ideal for home backup purposes.

A Westinghouse wGen9500Df generator has 9500 rated watts to 12500 peak watts and 35.5 amps/ 120volts, making it the most robust generator.

A Westinghouse wGen9500Df generator goes around $1149 in some companies. Although different companies will quote a different price, you need to choose an affordable price for you. The 10kw generator is worth every penny since it can handle all your house purposes without regret

The Westinghouse wGen9500Df generator weighs 211 lb dry unit, equivalent to 95.7kgs, and 226 lb package weight equal to 102.5kgs.

It is made of heavy-duty iron, making it durable and robust. It also has a 74 DbA operating volume.
Before buying a home generator, ensure that you check on all specifications like the voltage, amp, watts, coast, and machine weight. That way, you will be sure that you choose the best home generator.

The Takeaway

Depending on what types of household appliance you need to constantly run in your home, a 10,000-watt generator should be sufficient enough for your needs. Check out the best 10 000 watt generator on Amazon

Just be sure to use power wisely, just like you would with normal electricity.

Read best 10000 watts generator here.

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